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6 Ways To Use Instagram To Gain Clients

Instastalking – it’s a thing. Just ask Refinery29 who recently published a how-to on the myriad of ways to find hairdressers via the social media site. Comments, hashtags, filters, geotagging and other Instagram features are all viable ways for potential clients to pick out a salon – and you should ensure you’re in the running.

If clients are being given how-to’s on how to find you on Instagram, we thought we’d give you tips on how to make sure you’re located and selected online. After all, double taps are just a stones throw away from actual cash in the register.


1. Hashtag

Hashtags can help your salon in two ways – you can jump on the latest Insta trend (and there are an abundance of them) or cultivate your own salon hashtag. For example, if you create editorial looks that suit the #grannyhair, #bronde, #sandarthair or multitude of other trends, potential clients are bound to find your salon in their searches. If they like what they see, they may choose to pay a visit.


#SandArtHair was a recent Instagram trend

You can also create a personalised salon hashtag through which potential clients can oversee your online body of work. Think of it as a portfolio you house on Instagram, and get creative!

2. Filters

Which filter is best for your Instagram editorial creations? Valencia? Amaro? Trick question – the answer is no filter. Clients can tell a filter a mile away and they’re more interested in seeing your natural colour work, not something that’s been digitally enhanced.

Put your work in the best light (pun intended), with natural shots – complete with no filter, natural light and a more organic composition to the image. Clients are looking for reality, not perfection.

3. Geotagging

Geotagging is now a feature of Instagram meaning potential clients can search for local salons with the handy location-finding tool. This means you, and your clients, need to be geotagging your salon creations. Ensure no shot you post is left un-geotagged and offer incentives to your clients to post their new looks, and geotag your salon while they’re at it.

4. Tag Your Clients

Really happy with a new cut or colour you’ve created for a client? Tag the client’s personal Instagram in the post so that potential clients can Instastalk their old photos, in order to see how much of a difference you’ve made. This way you can subtly take credit for the impressive transformation.


INSTYLE on Instagram


Everyone’s a critic in the social media age, and Instagram is no exception, with each comment acting as its own mini-review. Encourage your clients to engage with you online, and ensure you’re actively responding to both existing and potential clients. In this space you can outline details of the looks in question and give a greater understanding of your salon.

6. Variety

Refinery29 states the importance of finding a salon that has diversity – both in the looks you create and in your general Instagram feed. This means a variety of cuts, colours and styles should make up your online portfolio. Furthermore, what we’ll call the non-hair shots (the salon’s architectural elements, flowers and other images more specific to the salon’s personality) are a great way to break up the feed and will give potential clients an idea of if they would suit the salon’s vibe as a whole.

How do you use Instagram to gain clients?

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