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6 Things You Should Know About Your Salon At All Times

Salon owners are the ultimate multitaskers. Stylist, business owner, mediator, accountant and so much more – the real job description wouldn’t fit on most business cards.

While it’s sometimes necessary to prioritise one role over the other, no matter what your to-do list looks like each day, here are 6 things you should be aware of in your salon at all times.

1. The Numbers

You should constantly have your finger on the pulse of how the business side of your salon is running. Your financial data including retail sales and services, as well as key details like your clients’ rebooking rate, time between bookings and more, should be readily available stats.

Timely offer all these figures within their reporting, so you can see these figures at a glance, while performance and financial reports outline the rest of your crucial salon numbers. Find out as much as you need to know with a Business Overview or go in depth with more detailed analytics.

2. How It Looks from The Outside

Do you ever take the time to step outside your window and look at your salon through the eyes of a potential client? Pretend you’re a walk-in and assess if your window display would entice you or catch your attention – then alter your display accordingly.

3. Your Team

Knowing your staff’s rosters and complex schedules can be taxing, but it’s significant in assigning employees to certain services or locations and just generally keeping track of who is doing what and when.

Timely allows you to access these stats all in one place, so you can stay on top of your staff rostering and plan your salon schedule in full.

4. The Atmosphere

The little details often make or break a salon. How much thought are you giving to the music, the lighting and the general vibe of your space? Clearly define your salon’s overarching feel and make sure all these details correspond to it.

5. Bookings

When it comes to bookings, not only should you know what’s going on, but there should be an element of transparency for all your employees, so be sure to keep them in the loop.

Timely will automatically email a day sheet to each staff members email address which shows their bookings for the day, and send employees an SMS or email when bookings are added or changed. Emails, SMS’s bookings and sales are all saved in the rolling Timely Activity log, and bookings sync with each employee’s personal calendar app too. This mean there’s no excuse for not being in the know.

6. Inventory

Keeping an eye on your retail, and analysing your sales, can help you know what your client do and don’t want. Timely manages your stock levels and sales performances, so you know just what you need more of, what products are doing well and which ranges deserve more of your marketing eye.

It can be a juggling act, but knowing these key figures and goings-on in your salon is the first step to ensuring it runs smoothly – how many are you aware of?

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