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6 Types of Clients (And How To Manage Them)

As we learn in salon, clients are like snowflakes, no two are the same. Clients seek a myriad of elements from their salon and it is your job to cater to these needs specifically in order to keep them coming back for more.

Because we don’t have your full client lists to tell you how to manage each of your clients individually, we’ve categorised them in to six groups that all interact with your salon in a different way. Are you maximising the potential out of each sector?

1. The regular

This client has a schedule, whether it’s every 4 weeks, 6 weeks or 8 weeks you can expect to see them for their usual appointments.

These are the clients whose names and backstories you should remember, or at least study up on before they come in. Timely’s Customer Records include their personal details, from names to birthdays and more, so you can study up before appointments.

Utilise Timely’s email and SMS marketing services to prompt their next appointment, and maybe turn that eight-week interval into a six.

2. The VIP

Whether this client is a long term, loyal customer or a generous spender, there is a way to reward your VIPs. Timely allows you to bundle packages in bulk and track these sessions as they are redeemed by the client, while added gifts, price plans, clubs and card schemes can make the client feel extra special.

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3. The walk-in

This is the jackpot – your window displays have enticed a walk-in and it’s now your responsibility to make the most of the opportunity. Explain your offers, show them your retail shelf and make the service especially top-notch to try and elevate them to the ‘regular’ category. Ensure you obtain their details in order to connect with them afterwards via SMS and email, and push your social media channels as a constant way to stay in touch.

4. The one who hasn’t visited in months

The black sheep of the salon family, this is the client who doesn’t check in or come back for months at a time, breaking your heart in the process.

Timely allows you to see a complete history of all bookings, SMS, emails and notes, as well as customer preferences for Reminders and Marketing, so you can learn which clients need a little bit more love and how to give it. A special event offer or simply a targeted reminder might be just enough to bring them back.

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5. The men

Men’s grooming is THE thing in hairdressing at the moment, meaning the previously uninitiated male now presents a newly tapped market that you should be catering to in full. A segmented barbershop area with a more masculine energy, specialised men’s services and specifically- marketed male grooming products are all worth investing in. Play around with making a portion of your salon more of a man cave to speak to the men on your client list.

6. The retail buyer

This is the client who uses your salon primarily or substantially for their retail needs, so it’s vital to ensure you carry precisely what they need. Timely can show you the full history of your client’s sales, which allows you to analyse these figures in order to market to them and cater to them as necessary.

Timely also manages your stock levels and sales performances to help you up-sell customers during transactions, while a built in point of sale makes the process even easier. The convenience of the transaction and a smartly timed product and service package deal may tip them over to booking more appointments too.


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