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7 Drastic Celebrity Hair Cuts in 2015

We’ve already spoken extensively of Kim’s stop-everything cut and colour, fawned over Margot Robbie’s red carpet-winning bob and Scarlett Johansson’s transition from pixie cut to undercut, and now Jessica Alba has become the latest celeb to join the drastic cut club of 2015. While it’s only March some A-listers have found the time to radically change their entire hair look – proving to your clients that anyone can, and should, opt for a bold new style in 2015.

In case you missed these extreme cuts we’ve rounded up 7 of our favourites to inspire you and your clients to make this year a year of change.

1. Jessica Alba:


jessica alba before


jess alba

Jessica debuted this sharp bob on Instagram only 3 days ago, with the lighter, much shorter style met with well over 100 000 nods of approval.

2.Kate Bosworth





Kate opted for this drastic cut for a film role in January, but the chic shorter style is an ideal fit for the star.

3. Lady Gaga


lady gaga before


lady gaga after

The songstress traded in her long, platinum locks for this short, asymmetrical blunt cut in black.

4. Lily Collins


lilly collins before


lilly collins

Lily had been going subtly shorter and shorter for months before taking her rapidly shortening bob into an all out pixie cut in February.

5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley lancia il nuovo profumo di Burberry


rosie after

The Moroccanoil muse chopped her long locks into this textured lob in February. We wouldn’t be surprised if this makes your clients do the same.

6. Nicole Richie


nicole richie beforew


nicole richie after

Nicole is known to change her hair as often as many women change outfits, and, not satisfied with already going bring pink this year already, she chopped her famed bob into this edgy pixie cut.

Nicole Kidman:


nicole beforeAfter:

nicole afterWith this cut last month, Nicole’s hair looks sleeker, more voluminous and healthier all-round. It’s a tick from us.

Which of these celebrity hair cuts will inspire your clients?

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