Hair Festival 2021, AKA the biggest event on the hairdressing calendar, is somehow under three weeks away (!) and if you still haven’t bought your tickets, we’re here to help you work out which pass is best for you.

Between the education sessions, competitions, Festival Wonderland party and FREE MarketPlace there’s so much for you to explore. Take a look and then register now for the event over Sunday and Monday, June 13 and 14 at Carriageworks, Sydney. You won’t want to miss it!

Ticket Type: MarketPlace

Necessary for: anyone in the hair industry

Price: FREE

This entirely free MarketPlace is your avenue to all the innovations you need to see, with a Festival Hub, Business Hub and Barber Hub to network and expand your salon horizons. You must register beforehand in order to gain entry. Here is the directory of stands you’ll travel through in this product maze. If you haven’t registered yet, at totally free of charge, what on earth are you waiting for?

Ticket Type: All-Event Pass

Necessary for: maximising your weekend

Price: $595

This is the pass that let’s you do it all, every single party, event, space and session is available via the All-Event pass. You can book your pass and then register for all the sessions and events that interest you. Think of it as your VIP ticket, the ideal way to maximise and a smart way to economise if you’re planning on seeing it all and really getting  the most out of your weekend. Top tip: it’s our personal recommendation.

Ticket Type: Real Talk

Necessary for: salon owners and managers

Price: $245

Business is the focus of Real Talk, which shines a light on insights and conversations pertinent to the hair industry. If you’re in the business lane of your salon, this Sunday event is vital to elevate your business thinking, with inspiring speakers and panels. Dedicate these hours to bettering your business know-how, with this stellar program.

Ticket Type: Festival Education Session All-Day Pass

Necessary for: hairdressers who want variety

Price: $325

This is for Monday June 14, with a long list of education sessions (check out the agenda here) that run the gamut of business, creative hair and everything in between. Learn from inspiring speakers and brands and walk into any classroom you so desire, with this all-day pass.

Ticket Type: Festival Education Sessions

Necessary for: hairdressers who want something specific

Price: $65 each

If you’re looking at that program with something specific in mind, you can purchase individual education sessions to discover the speakers, topics or brands you’re particularly invested in. The quick math is, if you’re looking at seeing five or more, get the all-day pass, otherwise these individual sessions are the choice for you. Top tip – sessions are selling out fast, act quick!

Ticket Type: Festival Wonderland

Necessary for: those who want to party

Price: $125

The world and the salon industry have come roaring back and we are celebrating, with food, drinks (obviously) and entertainment. Bring your dancing shoes and we’ll see you on the night of June 13. The Festival Wonderland is unmissable.

Ticket Type: Competition entry

Necessary for: those who want to put their skills to the test

Price: $80 for individual competitions and $150 for the team

Hairdressers can compete in individual contests – Editorial Glam Slam and Barberstreet 2021 – or the team relay – Dream Team Collab – to show off their talents live on the floor. The competitions are free to watch for all who are registered so, whether in the audience or on stage, let’s celebrate some hairdressing talent.

There’s truly something for everyone in the salon industry at Hair Festival, so register now and choose your perfect pass before tickets run out. The countdown is on!

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