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7 Methods to Increase Salons Bookings

Bookings – it’s that key word, the name of the game. The more bookings, re-bookings and new bookings in your calendar, the better your business tends to be trucking along.

This means it’s important to get creative with ways to increase that magic number. Here are 7 methods of increasing bookings that if you aren’t already trying, you should be.

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1. Offer specialised packages

Think outside the box and sell a group of services, or multiples of a single service, at a specialised price, encouraging your clients to book more all at once. Timely automatically tracks each session in a package, as each one is redeemed by the client.

2. The power of referrals

Offer discounts, gifts or special offers for clients who rave about your services and send new clients your way. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and by incentivising existing clients to spread the love, you could be earning a new regular.

3. Email and SMS

It’s important that you’re reaching out to clients in between appointments, so how are you keeping in touch with yours? Emails and SMS’s can be a handy way to tell clients about new services and special offers, or simply prompt them to book again soon.

Timely allows you to segment and target your clients through detailed Timely Reports, and with SMS marketing built straight into Timely and email marketing integrated with the MailChimp service, reaching out to your clients is almost effortless.

4. Cater to the customer

It’s important to know your client, or at least do your homework beforehand. Timely offers detailed customer records with clients’ personal details, a complete history of their bookings and sales and preferences for reminders and marketing. Use these tools to know which clients could do with an extra email, or prompt those who you see or due to come back soon.

5. Stand out

The best way to encourage walk-ins is to stand out on the street. Is your window display and décor enticing potential clients to come take a look? Make sure you don’t blend into the background, but also follow your own unique salon aesthetic in the process.

6. Online Bookings

The internet acts as your best receptionist – taking bookings all day, every day, no matter what. This means if a client remembers they’re in desperate need of an appointment after hours, they just have to head online to make it happen.

Timely offers online bookings on your website or free Timely mini-site, making the process easy and irresistible to your internet-savvy clients.

7. Link to social media

This facility isn’t limited to your website, Timely can enable online bookings into your social media accounts too. Think about how much time you spend on Facebook – your clients do the same, and scrolling past your feed, with a hard-to-miss ‘book now’ button, is the easiest marketing strategy at your disposal.


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