Let’s take a moment to talk about award show red carpets… While they’re often the backdrop for glamorous waves, Hollywood volume and plenty of shine that us mere mortals can only hope to achieve, they’re sometimes lacking in the hair looks that will start stylistic conversations. Well, leave it to the musicians to change things up, because among the glam and traditional rock star vibes at the 2018 Grammy Awards, there were next-level hair techniques, bold colour, interesting cuts and elements of hair experimentation that stood out on the red carpet.

Safe to say, these celebs brought it, showcasing the bold and even more subtle ways to to adopt interesting hair looks, and inspiring hairdressers in the process. Music accolades are all well and good, but these were really our favourite winners from the night.

1. Lady Gaga

Ultra-cool hair sewing techniques are usually reserved for the photo shoot set or more daring fashion week shows, but Lady Gaga brought them to the Grammys red carpet. Her shoe-lace style fishtail braid was a standout feature in her characteristically scene-stealing look.

2. Ashanti

Props to Ashanti for her subtle asymmetry, an interesting look that simultaneously blends in and stands out, while making you look twice. Your clients may be temped.

3. Janelle Monae

Janelle is a reliable figure for the ‘best Grammy hair looks’ feature, always trying something different and nailing it. This year, it was a sleek two-tone look that oscillates between extremes and lands both.

4. Tyler The Creator 

Originally concealed under a white hat, Tyler The Creator had one of the more jaw-dropping hair looks of the night – full leopard print. Who said the hair headlines were reserved for the girls?

5. Chrissy Teigen 

Chrissy wins points for sheer versatility – the star had her hair in a long braid at a Pre-Grammys event just this same weekend. Is it carefully placed hair pieces, a fresh new cut, pure witchery or all of the above? You be the judge.

6. Jenny McCarthy

We saw a fair few bright hair looks that we were all in on (let this trend continue forever, by the way), but Jenny’s bold blue is the exact vibrant bubblegum shade to turn heads, and stands out as a favourite. Pair it with the cute bob style and we’re sold.

7. Cyndi Lauper 

Used to hot pink hair, Cyndi still managed to go bright at the Grammys, albeit in a softer, more pastel manner. With various shades of pink and purple complementing her equally-pastel suit, Cyndi’s ‘true colours’ (sorry we had to) were a red carpet highlight.

Which were your favourite Grammys hair looks?