On a somber night in LA, the 2020 Grammys took place, speaking to the power of connection in music and, as always, congregating the industry’s brightest stars to inspire us musically and aesthetically.

We had an eye on some of the best hair looks to watch. Whether the ideal inspo for your next salon race day or wedding style, or just something a little cool to break up the red carpet monotony, check out these A+ looks and let us know your favourite!

1. Billie Eilish

This young songstress came away from the awards as its big winner (so much so that hilarious videos online show her desire not to keep winning so much). While her all green (hair included) ensemble did draw some comparisons to Batman’s Riddler, everyone should know that highlighter hair is not only trending but is apparently a Grammy magnet. Love it or hate it, Billie beats to her own drum and we appreciate that in our ears and on our celebrity hair lists.

2. Ariana Grande

While looking like a princess in a dress so massive it basically needed its own aisle, Ariana’s hair look specifically was more low key. Still, you can expect peak ponytail game from the queen of the iconic high ponytail, and we got it. With a section loose at the front and wrapped hair perfection, you definitely have room to use this in salon.

3. Jimin from BTS

In case you aren’t K-Pop familiar, Jimin is second from the right in the above photo, and his windswept blonde locks caused an online stir so sensational it was in TIME. Basically Jimin’s hair is now a meme, Twitter can’t cope and, honestly, we respect that.

4. Esperanza Spalding

This jazz musician’s look can only be fully appreciated from the front and back for true attention to detail and killer shape. If the mullet is business in the front and a party in the back, this is just a party everywhere, but different parties wherever you look. This metaphor kind of got lost but, what we mean is, big tick.

5. Dua Lipa

The 80s called and wanted to let you know that dual-toned hair and blue eyeshadow is back. No, really it is, take it from Dua Lipa, rocking the look and hitting ‘Best Of’ red carpet lists from the event.

6. Sibley Scoles

YES to the never-ending granny hair trend and fresh, creative undercuts making an appearance on the red carpet. Who said awards show hair had to be dull?

7. Mereba

Subtle braids are as much a hit at awards shows as equally subtle, dress-matching green eyeshadow – which was a huge hit, if any style critic is to be believed.

Which 2020 Grammys looks do you love?