It’s easy to vocalise and visualise a life (and business) of luxury, however lavish living is rarely a reality. Here we consider a few simple, affordable ideas to elevate your salon’s luxury status.

RAW Anthony Nader Salon

Green is the new Black:

We’re not talking emerald or harlequin green, we’re talking the live, luscious variety that delivers new life and energy to any space. The beauty of plants is not only their affordable and instant lift but the sheer variety available. Don’t consider yourself a green thumb? Outlets such as Ikea and Bunnings have a great selection of low maintenance, indoor palms such as the humble Kentia – the perfect addition for salon reception or the basin area; an immediate sense of luxe! Limited in space? Consider some copper pots filled with smaller-scale succulents for each style station or across the colour table.

Garden Life Copper Vase

Flower Power:

On the topic of flora, we all know the effect a beautiful bunch of flowers has on any space – colour, texture, smell – and what a perfect way for a new client to enter your business; a big (salon co-ordinator) smile over a beaming bunch of flowers. While a fresh-instalment weekly can become a costly affair, with the right curation you’ll get up to two weeks (with frequent water change) from the likes of Baby Breath or most Australian natives.

The Art Part:

A-list art is one of life’s great luxuries. Lucky for us, art is subjective so curate your own with a local artist for a real point of difference. Noticed a local or Australian artist on Instagram that suits your salon aesthetic? Offer your wall(s) as gallery space to their creations, a contra style arrangement where the artist’s work is promoted while your salon feels and looks a more luxurious space. A nice talking-point for guests also.

Print on Perspex – Francoise Neilly


What do clients do when they pick up a retail product? Remove the lid and inhale. Smell is so important to any experience and is a big cause to triggering happy, feel-good emotions and memories. Select a candle scent that really speaks to your salon and invest in bulk. Have at least one-to-two burning at either corner of the salon every day ensuring the smell infiltrates all corners – your guests will come to expect it and every time they smell a note of something similar, guess who springs to mind! Our current favourite? The Boat House by Palm Beach Collection – a peachy classic of jasmine and lime, vanilla and musk. Heaven.

De-Clutter Zone:

Clients (especially women) truly do notice everything. From outdated magazines to that block of foil in the corner, dirty mirrors and unsightly clutter, it all makes for a less-luxe, low-impression scene. Never underestimate the power of clean, crisp space – it’s easier for people to switch off and relax without distractions (of any kind). And it doesn’t cost a cent!

Walk and Wallpaper:

Wallpaper is the ‘in’ thing for many an interior-driven space and the powers that be have responded with a plethora of options ready to buy-and-go. Select from simplistic polkadots to textural (faux) snakeskin, floral enhancement or flecks of gold and really elevate your perhaps tired salon décor. Porters Paint have a healthy selection meeting all aforementioned effects.

Cole and Son, Whimsical, Columbus Wallpaper

Small Delicacies:

It’s so simple and nothing new, but never underestimate the power of a good coffee. Because it’s such a straight forward, expected offering, if you don’t get it right people may wonder about services to follow. Invest in a Nespresso machine – consistently good brews that with such a wide option of flavours (pods), open up the opportunity to create custom in-salon menus allowing your clients to select their own aroma and caffeine-hit – no two days are the same after all. Alchemy & Eden teas are the product of qualified Naturopath Holly Kandolf – a unique range of handmade herbal teas inspired by the transformative and healing essence of nature. Return To Sacred is a sweet and aromatic blend of alfalfa, lemon balm, rose hip, fennel, liquorice and aniseed. It is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals and creates a calming and restorative experience perfect for the salon environment.