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7 Things Hairdressers See When They Look At Hair

When you’re a hairdresser, understandably, hair is life. You look at it all day, you see it when you close your eyes and you have a more nuanced interpretation of it when you’re surveying every hair look you come across on a day to day basis. It’s much more than hair, when you’re used to that salon life, so we thought we’d chart what hairdressers actually see when they look at hair.

1. A blank canvas

The artistic side of you sees all the possibilities you can create when someone sits in your salon chair.

2. All of your clients’ past mistakes

Image result for shaking head gif

It’s all written right there in the hair and you couldn’t not think of it even if you tried.

3. Not to mention any lie they’ve told you about their hair

If they’re saying they didn’t cut or colour it at home… the truth is evident in the hair.

4. Every flaw imaginable

Any person you see on the street has their hair up for analysis when they pass you – shape, texture, quality, cut and colour issues that are invisible to the untrained eye are immediately seen by the hairdresser.

5. A challenge

When a client comes in with a near impossible hair task, that’s your Everest.

6. Inspiration

With the bad also comes the good, and in every day looks and actual works of hair art, you can find true inspo.

7. Your bread and butter

At the end of the day, hair is everything, we have to accept it.

What do you see when you look at hair?

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