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7 Things You Need to Know About Your Clients (And Ways to Remember)

Hairdressers are in the unique position of generating ongoing relationships with clients, meaning there should be a degree of familiarity that both endears you to them and allows you to capitalise from a marketing perspective.

We know it can be hard to remember information about so many clients – so don’t worry, there are methods of storing the details where they can be easily accessed; a cheat sheet, if you will.

Here are 7 things you should know, and ways to keep them in mind.

1. Their name

There is nothing worse than messing up the name of a regular or semi-regular client – this person thinks you’ve formed something of a comradery, and no matter how many hundreds of clients have separated their appointments, you have to be able to address them by name.

A top tip from Julie Piantadosi at her Dealing with Difficult People seminar at Hair Expo, is to repeat the client’s name three times in the first 60 seconds upon meeting them, making you roughly 92% more likely to remember it.

The backup plan is to study up before hand – Timely offer detailed customer records, which include a photo, contact details, birthday and name. Commit this to memory.

2. Their birthday

Knowing your clients’ birthdays is a golden opportunity to both get in touch and entice them into the salon. Send them a half-birthday-message-half-appointment-reminder; offer them a birthday special, or a product gift – making this a happy birthday for you both.

Delicious birthday cupcake on table on light background

3. Their routine

You should understand the routines of your clients, in order to change them. Recognising the eight-weekers, six-weekers and four-weekers amongst your clientele is the first step to moving them up a category. It also allows you to notice and get in touch when they haven’t been in in longer than they should.

4. Their preferences

This is true both aesthetically and in terms of marketing. It’s important to know what your client’s interpretation of a centimetre is, their attitude towards colour or their penchant for layers.

It’s equally important to understand how they want to be communicated with – Timely records your clients’ preferences for reminders and marketing, letting you know whether to SMS or email and how to reach out to them without annoying them at the same time.

5. Their retail habits

You need to sell to your clients in a way that makes sense to them. Timely shows you a complete history of their bookings and sales, so you can track what they want and what you should be offering them.

6. Their reliability

Know when your clients are notoriously unreliable with payment or simply showing up to see if you should be cutting the chord on potentially damaging client relationships.

Timely stores information on your clients’ invoices, amounts owing and when and how many times they’ve missed appointments. Think of them as the friend compiling information to help you go through with that tough break up.

7. A few key personal details

We know it can be hard with so many clients on the go, but knowing just a couple of key facts about your regulars breeds the familiarity that keeps clients coming back. Whether it’s their families, their hobbies or their jobs, try and keep some details in mind to ask the personal questions that will put your service a cut above.


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