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7 Timely Halloween Hair Costume Ideas

Halloween is upon us and, as hairdressers, we know costumes can and should be anchored by a cool or creative hair look. If you’re looking for universally beloved, classic Halloween hair looks, look no further than our 2015 round-up (pumpkin hair is the ideal fall-back costume), but if you’re looking to keep it more timely, we’ve rounded up 7 2016-specific, pop culture-inspired costumes all based on awesome hair.

Create them for your clients, create them for yourself – rule the street at trick or treating next week.

large  You’re welcome.

1. Harley Quinn


The above GIFs say more words than we ever could, but it’s worth noting that Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn provided one of the most iconic hair looks all year. Girlish pigtails and some blue and pink temporary colour equal the perfect costume for your blonde clients, as they can become a character instantly recognisable through her hair (and a baseball bat). While Suicide Squad didn’t meet expectations critically, it certainly went above and beyond in terms of Halloween costume ideas (the true metric for success), which brings us to…

2. The Joker


Guys can use hair as a costume device too, and with some gel and… green colour, they can adopt The Joker character as portrayed this year by Jared Leto. Pair it with a red lip and it’s both a simple and scary option.

3. Rey


Star Wars: The Force Awakens was technically a late 2015 pop culture instalment, but its influence was felt all 2016 long. Daisy Ridley’s Rey became the brave heroine we’ve always wanted at the helm of our fantasy films, and her unique braided look is an easy way for your clients to become that very hero on Halloween. Think of this look as the Princess Leia buns of the 21st century.

4. Marcia Clark


The whole world was plunged back into the 90s when American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson premiered and then proceeded to win all the Emmy Awards (22 nominations all up). One of those awards went to Sarah Paulson for her portrayal of Marcia Clark, a character (and also real-life person) whose iconic curly hair style caused almost more fuss in the trial than the actual murder. Change those curls mid-party, much like Marcia did part way through the trial, and really freak out fellow guests.

5. Sia


Yes, Sia’s fame wasn’t born in the past 12 months, but 2016 has been a stellar year for the famously-wigged artist. An album, a tour and some viral performances makes Sia’s hair look a very pertinent costume this Halloween.

6. Beyoncé in Lemonade


There are so many excellent hair choices for you to choose from if you want to dress just like Bey in Lemonade – seriously we’ve rounded them all up here. In fact, there really are so many great and important hair looks that you could go in a group costume with each of your friends styled as a different Lemonade music video. And speaking of brilliant ideas…

7. Becky with the good hair


Have your clients come into the salon the day of Halloween for a much-needed cut, trendy colour or epic blow dry service, then they can both look good and have a stellar costume as Becky with objectively good hair. Nailed it.

What are you going as this Halloween?

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