Whether your salon is open, closed or somewhere in between, the one constant of every stage of the crisis has been a continued focus on retail sales, and even an elevated need for retail products, with clients relying on home haircare that little bit more.

There are a myriad of ways you can ensure this pays dividends for your salons, by working with all the following tools at your disposal to think outside the box and sell product.

Here are a few tried and tested methods that we love.

1. Partner with brands

So many brands are elevating retail and supporting their salons in this endeavour. Major initiatives from local and international companies allow salons and hairdressers to offer retail codes and discounts to their clients , with products being shipped straight from the company and profits going to salons. This allows the companies to rely on salons’ marketing power, salons to gain easy profits and clients to receive discounted products to the benefit of everyone. Talk to your salon partners about what discounts, plans and initiatives they can offer you.

2. Offer easy pick up and delivery

It’s important to put in that extra work for free local delivery or contactless pick up. If clients feel the process is convenient, they’ll make your salon a shopping destination.

3. Incentivise with sales

Just as you’re hoping to get discounts from brands, offer the same to your clients. This is the time to capitalise on retail and giving your clients a financial helping hand can mean big business for your salon.

4. Create tailored packages

One way to do this is with specific packages. You can even tailor packages to clients, particularly if you know their hair history and condition. Still use the benefit of your extreme expertise when it comes to prescribing, recommending and selling product, and make it more personalised and special than ever.

5. Experiment with home hair colour

For clients who won’t come into the salon or salons that are closed, this could be a way to ensure clients have at least passable colour, with the money coming to you. Create colour kits and how-to videos or even offer FaceTime education services to apply the product. Selling the colour, application tools and necessary complementary care products means profits.

6. Market on social media

It’s vital that all of these discounts, products, initiatives and incentives are publicised loud and clear and that has to be to your social media community. Invest time, energy and even the necessary funds to get the message out there and ensure people know your salon is a retail go-to.

7. Communicate with your clients

Beyond social media, you should be keeping in touch with your salon community, with online, text and other marketing tools at your disposal. In maintaining this communication, make retail a priority.