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8 Ways to Boost Your Salon Retail

In this internet-heavy day and age we can all use a boost to our retail sales, and if your retail section is growing stagnant, it helps to be creative with what you sell.

Your clients see you as something of a style guru, tying their fashion aesthetic, beauty looks and accessory choices to the all-important new hair style you create for them – why not help them add to this aesthetic in-salon?

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Whether they’re looking for a new lipstick shade to match their new hair colour, additional hair tools to manage their new style or even just a gift to bring to the event they’re going to to show off the newest version of themselves, your retail shelf should be their go-to. Here are 8 things you could add to boost sales.

1. Makeup

It’s no secret that beauty and hair go hand in hand, so why not stock a makeup brand or two to offer your clients? From cult companies like Napoleon Perdis, to natural hair and beauty brand Aveda, the increasingly trendy Aussie brand Bodyography, or the sophisticated Silk Oil of Morocco, there’s no limit to the makeup you could stock on your shelf. These companies will also have cutting edge displays for you to showcase the lines, so there is limitless scope to find the brand that best matches your salon.

2. Candles

Great for a gift or a self-treat, your pampered clients may want to pick up a candle before they leave. Cult favourites from Glasshouse, Aveda and Ecoya will make your clients take notice.

3. Nails

Show your clients you can finish their look from head to toe – literally. Hero ranges such as OPI and Fabys will have any number of shades for you to display, whilst the newest edgy nail brand Smith & Cult, which is only just landing in Australia, has a chic display that will fit right into a trendy hair salon aesthetic. As a gift or last-minute addition to their new hair look, a nail colour is the ideal thing for your clients to buy as they’re heading out the door.

4. Jewellery

Step outside the box and think about housing various lines of jewellery. If you find the brand or collection that fits with your salon, having jewellery for sale could be a creative and quirky addition to your retail offering.

5. Hair Ties

Innovative hair tie options such as Craybands, Invisibobbles or Hair Bungees sit perfectly on the counter, for your client to add to their bill as they pay it. Your hair authority and expertise extends to these ties, so your clients would be happy to buy the right ones with your recommendation.

6. Hand Bags

The accessories game is endless and can even extend to a line of handbags to stock in your salon. Again, it’s about finding the products that suit you, and having offerings like this can boost your salon traffic as well as revenue, whilst extending your reputation as a centre for hair and fashion.

7. Brush Displays

Where else will your clients want to go to buy their brushes? If you’ve given them a new style or are recommending a new way for them to style their own hair at home, they’ll need a new brush that you recommend to them. From the new evo brush collection to the innovative Tangle Teezer designs, be sure you have the latest on offer and display your choice products clearly so that clients know the options are there in-salon.

8. Perfume

Who can resist an alluring scent in a pretty bottle? Stocking the latest designer or celebrity fragrances can be another creative way to have clients spending.

With your clients spending so much time in the salon and display-style marketing available to you while they’re there, you could make your salon something of a one-stop hair, fashion and beauty shop. Broaden your thinking to build your business and encourage purchases, displaying your creative offerings on the shelf, cash register or even at the chair.

One thing’s for sure, if you want your clients to spend, it’s time to get creative!

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