So you’ve reeled in a strong clientele, see them often enough to imply a modicum of loyalty and even have them paying top dollar for your services – what’s the next thing your salon vitally needs? Client frequency is an important facet of any salon and can see your profits soar. Just think – if a client who visits you every eight weeks changes to every six, they would be booking in two to three additional appointments each year. Multiply that by every client and there’s scores of untapped potential to unleash.


If you’re hoping to turn your eight-weekers into six-weekers, your six-weekers into four-weekers and so on, here’s 8 ways to increase your clients’ salon visits and start to reap the rewards.

1. Assess your salon

The first step to improving your salon is to understand your salon. Sit down and work out your current client frequency and which clients have the potential visit more often. Make long term plans and then implement them.

2. Loyalty Programs

Free services, added gifts, price plans, and retail incentives can all be the benefits of a loyalty program, point system or VIP club or card scheme. These ideas are so diverse that they can be tailored to your salon, and are sure to create a salon environment that sees your clients wanting to come back as often as possible. Think about what you have to offer and create a program around that.

3. Rebooking

Ensure your clients have booked in for their next appointment before they leave their last one and their frequency is sure to improve.

4. Utilise Special Events

Getting to know your clients on a personal level is important for the culture of your salon anyway, but knowing when to offer them a birthday blow dry, anniversary haircut and big event colour is an added bonus.

5. Utilise Special Holidays

To that effect, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and every other holiday period present a golden opportunity for extra salon visits.

6. Online Booking

Your clients are more likely to book more often when said booking is made as easy as possible. Online and mobile bookings present the most convenient way to book whenever your client wants and hopefully they want to quite regularly.

7. Refer your clients to other services

Be sure your clients know the vast array of services you have on offer. If there are any clients who come to you for just one service, it’s time to change that.

8. Promote, Promote, Promote

Flaunt your loyalty schemes, reward programs and pricing incentives around the salon. Send emails, advertise, even call. A good rebooking system is wasted if no one knows about it.

So the secrets to salon success are there amongst your existing clientele. Which of these steps does your salon practice, and which are you keen to introduce?