It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, which means presents, decorations and… retail profits. This December utilise the festive cheer for some seasonal promotions, marketing methods and fun holiday incentives to ensure your retail figures don’t drop.

Here are 8 ideas to get you started.

Little dog wearing Santa Claus hat

1. Decorate

A Christmas tree, wrapped boxes, lights and other decorations should create just the right amount of Christmas cheer. Utilise that holiday spirit, after all, Christmas is the giving season, which should make it the buying season too!

2. Clever Merchandising

Hanging your key holiday retail products on your Christmas tree personalises your decorations unique to your salon – all while promoting products in the process.

3. Display your Christmas Tree in a Prime Position

It may seem insignificant but the position of your tree can be either a huge help or a hindrance. Try not to limit space or block your retail shelf, whilst putting it near the front of your salon to entice potential clients and spread that holiday cheer.

4. Bundle Products with Services

The holiday season may be a time of heightened services as clients prep for seasonal events, holidays and occasions, but can be a period of decline in retail services. Avoid this by bundling services with products, allowing your retail options to flourish on the back of the service train.

5. Christmas Packs

The majority of professional brands distribute unique Christmas packs perfect for dressing-up the salon and offering clients the ultimate in last minute gift ideas. Make sure your stock levels are healthy and the packs are perfectly displayed – by the reception desk is a key!

6. Gift Certificates

In this month of extra spending, gift certificates can be a gold mine in not just products, but services too. Create festive gift certificates and have them well displayed for a great retail option.

7. In-Salon Advertising

Make sure your initiatives are well documented in signs around the salon – the colour table is a perfect place for those processing clients keen to pass the time!

8. Send Christmas Cards

Christmas is a great excuse to be in touch with your clients. Send Christmas cards via mail or email notifying your clients of the retail and service specials in store for the holiday season. You may increase not just your retail numbers, but your salon visits too.

It’s time to deck both the halls and your salon. Enjoyable holiday-specific promotions, gift packs and a well-placed Christmas tree can ensure this Christmas sees your best retail sales yet. Good luck.