The 2021 Oscars took place over the weekend in LA and while the world waited to see who the actual awards went to, we as a hairdressing industry were more interested in what celebrities debuted hair cuts on the red carpet, and I like to think our priorities are objectively correct.

Usually the Grammys offer a more intriguing portfolio of A-list hair looks but we were pleasantly surprised by the transformations, styles and trends at this year’s Academy Awards.

With that in mind, here are nine hair looks you shouldn’t miss this year.

1. Halle Berry


When you chop your hair into a bob and debut this major transformation on an awards show red carpet you will make headlines, and that Halle Berry did, stealing the show with her new style and becoming a major talking point for her look.

2. Regina King


Regina King similarly got the memo that losing length will land you on best look lists, presenting this chin-grazing bob and shorter style to great acclaim.

3. Andra Day


Andra Day got a different memo, and that was that hair height, volume and texture were components that were totally trending on this red carpet. Observe…

4. Viola Davis


Viola Davis ticking all those boxes and cementing this clear trend.

5. Celeste Waite


It wasn’t just hair height, Celeste Waite proved hair width was also a winning look, as long as texture and volume are being used to perfection.

6. Margot Robbie


A fresh fringe knotted into this effortless ponytail ensured the always scene-stealing Margot Robbie stole this scene once again.

7. Charlese Antoinette Jones


Building on a trend that made some noise around the aforementioned Grammys, costume designer Charlese Antoinette Jones paired her yellow dress and beauty look with purple-tinged Bantu knots. Perfection.

8. Tiara Thomas


Again taking from the Grammys, Tiara Thomas’ braided style was a very cool take on awards show glamour.

9. H.E.R.


The songstress won ‘best length’ in our totally arbitrary, non-existent awards for length, for her sleek, wavy style.

Which 2021 Oscars hair looks do you love?