It’s that time of year – so bring out your pumpkins, pour all your sweets into a giant bowl and break out the hair tutorials: Halloween is upon us.

As hairdressers we can’t help but put our hair-centric focus on the holiday. Whether it’s for your clients or just a fun dress up look for yourself, hair can be moulded to create a spooky look, ideal for October 31st. While hair and makeup will always be a pivotal part of the dressing up process – who hasn’t spent time constructing the perfect Disney princess plait? – these 7 ideas take the concept to the next level.

Try them for yourself!

1. Pumpkin hair


If you’re not planning on putting pumpkins out on the patio, why not make one top of your head? Two perfect buns and some cute orange and green accessories make this hair look positively scrumptious.

2. Mummy hair


A well-constructed wrap and a skeleton figurine turn your tresses into a tomb. A simple and playful interpretation of historical horror.

3. Maleficent Hair


Maleficent was, for some reason, my most feared childhood villain. You can bring back those nightmares for me and probably many other Sleeping Beauty fans with this innovative look, here showcased by makeup artists Nicole Fae utilising two props as the horns and wrapping hair around it. Pale skin and red lips work best to bring the Angelina Jolie character to life.

4. Animal Ear Hair


The Mean Girls interpretation of Halloween is lingerie plus animal ears (“I’m a mouse, duh!” is still one of my favourite go-to lines). This bear or cat hair tutorial brings your locks into the festivities. Check out the how-to video below.

5. Pippi Longstocking hair 1pippi Some wire, colourful ribbon and two simple braids make this iconic pigtail look come to life. Throw on some striped socks and that’s your outfit done.

6. Medusa Hair maxresdefault It wouldn’t be a Halloween hair list without possibly the most famous evil hair style of them all – Medusa. Some playful toy snakes, intricate braids and a dark beauty look can make this costume as pretty as it is terrifying. See the tutorial below.

7. Spider hair


It’s fun, it’s simple and it’s effective – some basic craft supplies and a perfect bun are all it takes to create this scary spider hair look. The only time of year you don’t mind having creep crawlies in your hair.

8. Bride of Frankenstein hair


A dishevelled beehive and that trademark white streak are an instantly recognisable Halloween hair look – the Bride of Frankenstein is a classic. Create the look yourself with the how-to video below.

9. Princess Leia hair


Perhaps the most iconic of all – Princess Leia’s dual-bun look has stood the test of time as a favourite hair dress up look. No matter if she was fighing the Sith or being chained up as a slave, Leia’s hair was always on point, so it’s no wonder we can’t get enough. With Star Wars making its long awaited return this year, it’s the perfect time to go full Leia.