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A Lesson In Feigning Short Hair

It was impossible to go online yesterday without coming face to face with Gigi Hadid’s new ‘haircut’. The supermodel stepped out at the American Music Awards with her usually long strands ‘cut’ into a trendy straight bob, but no sooner had she walked the red carpet than the rumours began circling around its authenticity.


Gigi Hadid at the AMAs

These rumours were encouraged by Gigi herself, who revealed that there were hairdressing “tricks of the trade” that would allow her to sport a fake bob (or ‘fob’) for the evening, and today those suspicions were confirmed.

“We put a partial wig over the back half of her hair to cover most of the length then combining in her real hair in the front, we then cut the hairpiece to blend with her shortest layers,” her stylist Bryce Scarlett revealed. “The key is that your natural hairline is showing. The technique we used works if you have shorter layers that are the length that you want the hairpiece to match.”

Commitment-phobic celebrities have long adopted the fob for a night out, or a film role, without having to take the haircut plunge, and the faux bob look has become increasingly trendy on catwalks this season. However, no one has mastered it quite like Gigi, and your clients are bound to notice and opt to try the trend themselves. We asked some of our favourite Aussie stylists to reveal their own “tricks of the trade” in feigning short hair.


Fendi at Milan Fashion Week. Image via Vogue

Faux Bobs

“The main technique I use to create a faux bob is to create a hidden plait at the nape of the head. Then the hair is dropped over this, pulled into a ponytail and then tucked under and pinned,” revealed Caterina Di Biase, of Heading Out Hair and Beauty. “By eliminating the hair it makes it look more natural.


Selena Gomez sports a faux bob

“There are little tricks in the salon, where you can tong a guest’s hair and pin the whole underneath section up, by rolling it under and pinning it,” Paloma Rose Garcia of Oscar Oscar Salon Paddington shared of her own technique, which has been highly requested in salon as of late. “It’s more of a party trick, if they’ve got an event and want something different but don’t want the long term commitment of having such a big hair change.”


Emma Watson with a faux bob


While these faux bob looks are a fun way to change it up, the real way for your clients to fool their loved ones is with a natural looking wig. However, while they may be avoiding the long-term commitment of a drastic haircut, there needs to be a financial commitment to the faux bob look, with good quality wigs bound to set your clients back. Once they have this ideal accessory, there are tips that can maximise a natural aesthetic.


Blake Lively wears short hair on set

“Whatever you do has to have a bit of your hair. Gigi has short layers at the top and she only had a partial wig, which was the reason why it looked so good. You must use human hair, it has to look natural and it has to use the client’s real hair in the look,” said Marie Uva of UVA Salon, who has styled Gigi’s hair herself. “The client needs a wig that suits their face shape, that’s the most important thing.”

The Cut

Even if the hair is actually long, the existing cut makes an impact on the fob look. “With the existing haircut, you want to make sure that there is a bit of shortness around the face,” Paloma said. This is certainly the way Gigi made it work, utilising the shorter layers of her hair to pull off the fob so realistically.


Rachel Bilson sports the fob

Thinner hair is often more convenient in applying a wig or creating a faux bob, but there are ways around that. “You can secretly take half of the client’s hair away in the hidden plait. With less hair when the remaining hair hangs, it will allow you to shape it more naturally and freely,” said Caterina.

The Gigi Effect

It’s clear that this isn’t a first for Gigi Hadid, who has set a precedent for trolling the internet with her changing hair looks. “When I was in Sydney last with her we made her extensions with blue hair and everyone thought she had turned her hair blue,” Marie said. “She’s young, she’s fun, she likes doing different things with her hair. I would dare say that people will start wanting to do stuff like this [fake bob] now.”


The perfect party trick for breaking the internet (or, in the case of your clients, adopting a playful change for the evening), it’s no wonder the fob trend is becoming increasingly popular. With Gigi’s endorsement, it’s set to transition from trend to phenomenon.

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