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A New Era in Styling Has Arrived

Leading hair styling brand ghd has launched its latest innovation; the ghd aura, changing the game in drying and styling.

Developed by the brilliant team at the brand’s research and development facility in Cambridge, UK, the aura features the trademarked Laminair technology that delivers a more concentrated, non-turbulent air stream, so when working on one section of hair, all other sections stay undisturbed, allowing exceptional precision and control.


Designed with comfort of the stylist in mind, ghd has developed Cool-Wall technology which keeps the casing and noozle cool to touch, keeping burnt fingers at bay. The innovation also allows they stylist to dry far closer to the scalp for amazing root lift and volume, setting the style as it dries.

Unlike any other hairdryer on the market, the Laminair technology aligns hair in a single direction, creating a focused airflow with even speed and temperature, leaving it incredibly smooth and shiny. A next-generation brushless motor allows for a smaller and quieter dryer and a lightweight feel, and the dryer is also incredibly economical with less electrical energy consumption.


ghd’s Australia and New Zealand ambassador Jayne Wild styling with the ghd aura backstage at INDUSTRY NZ

“Aura is a true innovation and completely different to any other hairdryer in the market. It is the first hairdryer that combines drying and styling,” said ghd Australia & New Zealand managing director, Lino Sinni, “Aura further enhances the ghd portfolio of styling products and comes at a time when stylists need and want to offer the best blow-dry they can for their clients. The ghd team is very excited about Aura and I urge stylists to try Aura and see the benefits for themselves.”

ghd’s Australia and New Zealand ambassador, Jayne Wild believes the aura is the ultimate tool for stylists to deliver exceptional results for their clients, “ghd aura puts a whole new level of control into the hands of hairdressers, saves time, and delivers incredible shine and body.”


ghd’s global creative director Sam McKnight who recently styled with the aura at London Fashion Week said, “ghd aura delivers stunning shine and luxurious volume… I love it. A product that dries while it styles; ghd aura is truly different. The best thing about ghd aura is the beautiful volume and shine that can be achieved.”

ghd aura is currently available exclusively to professional stylists. For more information about ghd or to get your very own ghd aura, contact your ghd account manager or phone ghd salon support on 1300 443 424 (in Australia) or 0800 880 209 (in New Zealand).

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