Debuting as the opening runway show at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) 2022, Bianca Spender sure set the pace, with two understated yet individual hair looks by Goldwell, writes Ashleigh Matheson.

Motivated by the concept of ‘disruptive beauty’ to push the boundaries of traditional ideals, the collection conveys a sense of structured surrealism. There is an equilibrium of contrasts and a spirit of liberated precision and fluid expression. Silhouettes are reinterpreted with the intent of liberating women through optimism, courage and bravery.

Partnering for the third year in a row with leading haircare brand Goldwell, hair director Christopher Hunter worked to create two distinct hair looks for the show. Embracing natural hair texture, the looks celebrated self-expression, personal connection, and enduring style.

“Look 1 is a straight blow-dry. Beautiful and smooth, when the models walk it moves, it’s sexy, gorgeous hair,” Christopher Hunter said backstage. “Look 2 is a low chic bun, the reason why we did the bun is because some of the looks have big necklaces on and we wanted to get the hair out of the way. The styling reflects the Bianca Spender brand beautifully. It’s effortlessly elegant, confident, and individual. We’ve used a great mix of Goldwell products throughout each look to achieve incredible shine and the perfect hair texture to compliment the show.”

Goldwell Power Whip in Diamond Gloss was the hero product, in creating these effortlessly chic looks. Achieve these luxe and wearable looks below.

Get the look: Look 1 – Hair down with effortless natural hair texture, movement, and shine

Step 1: Apply Goldwell Stylesign Ultra Volume Power Whip to towel dried or dampened hair in 2-inch sections – off the root through the mid lengths and ends of hair. Using a round brush, blow dry hair in sections to create a straight, smooth blow dry working with your natural part.

Step 2: Spray Goldwell Stylesign Just Smooth Sleek Perfection onto freshly blow-dried hair to protect from heat and enhance shine. Using a flat iron, iron hair from the mid lengths to ends, in sections, to create a smooth and silky finish. Spray Goldwell Kerasilk Style Smoothing Sleek Spray before ironing the final section of hair for a silky, sleek finish.

Step 3: Finish hair with a few sprays of Goldwell Stylesign Perfect Hold Magic Finish and a shimmering ‘mist’ of Goldwell Stylesign Just Smooth Diamond Gloss.

Get the look: Look 2 – Naturally pulled back hair with a low twist bun.

Step 1: Apply a small amount of Goldwell Stylesign Ultra Volume Power Whip to your hands and scrape back product onto dry hair using a raking technique with your fingers to pull hair back into a low ponytail. Tie off ponytail at the lowest point of the nape of your neck with elastic.

Step 2: Using more Goldwell Stylesign Ultra Volume Power Whip apply to ponytail and twist until the ponytail folds back on itself. Secure the end of the ponytail to the base with elastic.

Step 3: Smooth over ends of the bun using Kerasilk Style Accentuating Finish Crème and finish with Kerasilk Style Fixing Effect Hair Spray for a silky finish with hold.

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