With Sydneys’s spectacular cityscape as the backdrop, Bondi Born debuted their Resort ‘23 Collection, ‘Phospher’ at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) 2022, with 90s meets Met Gala hair vibes by Wella, writes Ashleigh Matheson.

Never failing to disappoint, the show gave us everything we were hoping for, from sorbet shades, to boyish fits and sultry silhouettes. With an ode to the past, the 90s led the way for the show, with details ranging from jelly sandals our younger selves lived in, to the iconic 90s hair bun.

“We just wanted individuality, just a bit of a change. Enjoy the hair parts, enjoy the curls, enjoy the straight hair, we want everyone to feel like themselves,” said Wella Hair Director Renya Xydis. 

The hero product in perfecting the look was Wella’s Mistify, with The Ocean Spritz and Glam Mist also proving essential.

Recreate the intricate 90s bun look below.

Get the look:

Step 1: Prep the roots with Wella EIMI Ocean Spritz to add thickness, body and lift roots. Make sure to over-direct each side to give extra root lift. Tease the hair with a dryer, directing the air flow upwards.

Step 2: Spray Wella EIMI Dry Me through the hair and layer with Wella EIMI Glam Mist. Use a tong to create added texture.

Step 3: Create an imperfect circled section at the crown for a natural effect. Brush back into a pony, keeping the natural texture and tie off.

Step 4: Create an internal and external layer of tight, baby box braids. For the internal section, braid tight from the scalp, starting at the circle section and working back to the base of the pony. For the external braids, take thicker sections from the hairline, and braid backwards again.

Step 5: To create the bun, fold the ponytail at the top and tie off to create a bun with a tail. Split the tail of the bun in half, and lift both sections up around the bun, cross them over the bun, then down under back under the bun. The ends will be sticking out diagonally across the bun. Use French pins to secure.

Step 6: Style the baby hairs in place and set the look with Wella EIMI Mistify Me Light.

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