Mariam Seddiq treated the evening crowd to a display of Collection Cerulean on day three of Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW), showcasing a runway show comprised of architectural silhouettes, kaleidoscopic colours and the personal expression that is Mariam Seddiq couture.

With Davroe and Madison Voloshin hair styling backstage, this fashion vision was the inspiration, complementing structured tailoring, fluid drapery and intriguing hand embellishment with a four way braid.

“The clothes inspired today’s look,” Madison said. “Mariam’s designs have gone for a Neoprint, there’s a lot of colours, and Mariam is known very well for her beautiful gowns and power suits and power shoulders so today we are working with that, not against it, and working to keep the hair beautiful, subtle, luscious and perfect.”

Utilising hero product Davroe BVT, the hair team reimagined this texture foam usually used for body but here wielded to flatten down the hair, and keep it sleek but not too shiny.

“That’s why we’ve gone with the foam, a gel would make the hair too wet, we want to keep it luxurious and keep it as a wearable style,” Madison shared. “That’s why we’re doing a long, low, four strand braid, also known as a rope plait.”

Davroe FORMATION was used to hold the style together, while Davroe Brilliance Shine Mist contributed to the windswept look and Davroe COMPLETE hairspray provided the finish.

The hair and fashion design worked in tandem every step of the way, as the hair brief smartly elevated the fashion, without ever overwhelming it.

The collection incorporates colours in Marian’s fine art painting of 2020, in combination with the ACID.FLOWERS, a joint project of Fashion Stylist Claire Mueller and graffiti artist RJ Williams. The full collection is described as “a creative explosion emerging from the global dystopian atmosphere of 2020”.

“Mariam likes to exaggerate things so we’re exaggerating the hair, we’ve gone with a classic style, a simple beautiful style but adding in more hair to exaggerate it a little bit more but not take away from the clothes,” Madison said.

Hair, fashion and art were synonymous in this inspiring show.

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Images via Sharleen Christie Photography