A collection comprised of natural textures for Rumer at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) was ideally suited by a complementary organic approach to hair, thanks to O&M and John Pulitano.

“For Rumer the hair look created is all about raw organic beauty, it is about giving the hair the freedom to sit in a natural way and giving the women confidence to wear it that way. It is about individuality and following what the hair naturally does, seeing how the hair reacts first and working on it to enhance the natural texture and movement in a feminine and sophisticated way,” John said.

“We want that really lived-in, a bit rock and roll, a bit beachy vibe, the clothes are all natural and really soft and flowing, and we want to celebrate that with the clothes, we don’t want to pretty it up,” he continued. “If you put too much glam hair on that it takes the collection to a very glamorous place, that’s not what we want, we want that earthy vibe, so for me whenever I think that I think organic hair, let’s bring out natural texture and celebrate that.”

There were a myriad of hero products for the look, with the Project Sukuroi Smoothing Balm essential to moisturise and Atonic necessary as a priming lotion.

From the runway to your salon, get the look below.

Get the look:

  1. To prep the hair, start by setting the hair down with water to release its natural texture.
  2. Apply O&M Atonic spray to the hair followed by a light touch of surf bomb. Once these products ware mixed, allow the hair to dry in its natural texture.
  3. Create an ‘S’ bend using the flat iron, followed by O&M surf bomb and a touch of O&M Desert Dry to enhance the flyways.
  4. To finish, apply a pea sized amount of O&M Project Sukuroi Balm directly to the hands and rub through the hair to create separation throughout the hair.

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