A sleek hero hair look complemented an off-site elegant affair for Anna Quan at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) with Wella ANZ Creative Director Renya Xydis styling the hair to suit a very specific concept – the idea of revenge on 2020.

The Anna Quan show enacted this revenge by showcasing the designs, clothes and outfits we all couldn’t wear in 2020, reclaiming the looks for 2021.

“Revenge on 2020 is a feeling that we all relate to, so when we were briefed on the hair for the show, we wanted to give off the ultimate holiday vibe,” Renya said.

“Taking the slick back look to another level, we played with hair accessories that perfectly paired with the understated pieces in the collection. Prepping the hair with the Wella SP Reverse Spray Conditioner was essential to achieve that sleek, sheen look and finished with the EIMI Mistify Me Strong to ensure the hair stayed in place throughout the show.”

These intricate braids adorned with jewels cemented a stand out look, with each style still unique in its own right. They complemented a sophisticated show of longline ribbed cardigans, silk dresses and safari suits to create the perfect holiday moment of sipping rosé on a warm afternoon.

“I had a simple vision for the hair which Renya and her team executed perfectly. Each look complemented the garment in a way that captured a holiday essence, while still having a hair moment of its own,” Anna said.

Each outfit was paired with a sleek look that exuded this luxe vacation vibe in what was titled a Glam Plait.

We’re sure you’ll agree – a stand out.

Get the look:

  1. Prep hair with Wella Sp Reverse Conditioner and blow dry hair smooth.
  2. Section the hair horizontally, and pull bottom half into a tight ponytail, positioned slightly to the left of the centre and spray with EIMI Mistify Me Strong.
  3. Prep the top section of the hair with the EIMI Ocean Spritz and distribute throughout the hair using a wide tooth comb.
  4. Comb the top section away from the face towards the ponytail, while using a blow-dryer create tooth marks in the hair from the comb. Ensure the blow-dryer is not pointed directly onto the hair as it may disrupt the markings in the hair.
  5. Combine both top and bottom sections of hair into one ponytail and wrap the base of the pony with an elastic band. When wrapping the hair with elastic, ensure you have enough elastic to cover an inch and a half of the ponytail.
  6. Wet the ponytail with SP Reverse Conditioner and divide into three sections to plait.
  7. Fold the plait over to create a loop, and secure to the base of the pony with elastic, ensuring the ends are hidden.
  8. Attach gold chains to the underside of the plait. Using the end of a tail comb, gently lift a part of the elastic and thread the chain through to secure.

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