In the world of haircare there is a heightened responsibility to the environment, where recycling consists of so much more than just paper. Everything from aluminum hair foils to colour tubes can be disposed of properly to help the environment, as Access Hair in Balmain NSW, is quickly realizing, writes Shannon Gaitz.

The salon was prompted by a switch to Refoil recycled aluminium hair foils, and with simple processes of monitoring and observation started to realize just how many of their waste habits were harming the planet. Now, with a change in their long-standing practices, their waste has been reduced by 70%, from sending 9 cubic metres to landfill, to just 2.5 cubic metres a year. 

Access Hair, Balmain NSW

“We recycle everything we can,” said Access Hair owner Nina Santucci. “I want to be able to foil people’s hair for decades to come and our precious resources aren’t infinite, so if you can recycle something like aluminium it’s a win for the environment and for clients.”

The salon believes that huge results were accomplished with very small changes. An assessment from a council-provided environmental expert, the addition of full-sized recycling bins from a waste contractor, and the use of foil waste bins that crush foil into balls for recycling, can all go a long way in avoiding further damage to the planet.

We often pursue eco-friendly products but do little to reduce our own carbon footprint, so make the change to go green at your salon and you’ll be amazed at how much you can help.

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