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Acid Mermaid Collection

With the Australian Hair Expo Awards open for business, we’re sure there are many stylists wanting to try their hand at competing for the first time. The recent British Hair Awards showcased just how fruitful that endeavour can be, with Newcomer of the Year, Jamie Benny, wowing the judges and public alike through his daring collection.

The RUSH Hair stylist created an eclectic and innovative collection named Acid Mermaid, merging the two juxtaposing qualities of delicacy and a punk edge. An ethereal mermaid aesthetic was created with round shapes and dark, vibrant colours, made to give the collection a moody and dark essence, whilst sectioning, braids, chains and crimped textures sold the edge.

If Jamie’s collection is anything to go by, a strong editorial point of view will always catch the judges’ eyes.


Hair: Jamie Benny, RUSH Hair
Photography: Jemima Marriot
Make-up: Alex Chalk
Styling: Sasha Louise

Acid Mermaid 1

Acid Mermaid 2

Acid Mermaid 3

Acid Mermaid 7

Acid Mermaid 6

Acid Mermaid 5

Acid Mermaid 9

Acid Mermaid 8

Acid Mermaid 7

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