The Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC) has expanded its resources for salons when it comes to industrial relations, developing a phone number dedicated just to that.

Human hand holding telephone on blackboard - Contact Us.

The phone number will lead you to one of three employment lawyers who understand facets of the industry such as the complexities of employment, the National Employment Standards and the Award, and can advise you on these topics. The lawyers can also lead you on staff entitlements, Award interpretations, pay rates and what to do in the case of employee poor performance (including warning letters, unfair and unlawful dismissal, bullying and employment contracts).

Beyond this new service, the AHC endeavours to support the hairdressing industry in every capacity, especially through the stress and frustrations that often exist in running a business day to day. The national organisation represents hairdressers, salon owners, educators and suppliers, uniting the community and elevating its reputation and standards to ensure a better industry.

The service is available to all AHC Salon Select members. Explore membership options at or call (02) 4929 6098