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AHFA Australian Hairdresser of the Year Collection

Damien Rinaldo of Boris the Cuttery encapsulated unconventional beauty in the Bobohizan collection, earning himself the title of Australian Hairdresser of the Year at the recent Australian Hair Fashion Awards (AHFA). The creative collection is built on self-confidence and strength, a beautiful testament to Damienโ€™s late wife Anne-Marie Garreffa.

“Things of beauty do not have to be beautiful to everyone,” Damien said. “Each person with strength, wisdom and love has beauty, so that’s what I set out to communicate in the Bobohizan collection. Anne-Marie’s hair loss got me thinking about how beautiful she is – inside and out – even without hair and how beauty is more about what we see personally as individuals, than anything else.”

The Bobohizan is a healer from the Kadasan Dusn tibe of Sabah in Borneo, who summons help from the good spirits. Aside from these themes of healing, the collection conveys an anti-celebrity aesthetic, a raw beauty that comes without copying Hollywood stereotypes.

“My message for future seasons is to be brave and try something new that brings out a woman’s individuality, personality and inner beauty,” Damien said. “What’s interesting about being the same as everyone else? It’s not, it’s boring! Girls just need to stop criticizing themselves and just go for it! Find your point of different and rejoice in it.”

Damien showcased this uniqueness perfectly, with a rawness, strength and inner beauty that was, by all accounts, the encapsulation of Anna-Marie.

Congratulations Damien on this well-deserved honour.


Hair : Damien Rinaldo
Photography : Andrew O’Toole
Makeup : Kylie O’Toole
Styling : Leticia Dare

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