Australia’s beauty media attended a series of detention sessions last week in celebration of salon (re)brand, Alan Buki for O&M.syd.


What was once Original A salon, Paddington now sits as Alan Buki for O&M.syd – a rebrand stimulating a few changes in one salon culture loved by all.

“The Alan Buki brand is a true representation of who I am and what I believe in. I have always believed in hairdressing as a serious career, and my brand is now focused on educating, nurturing and inspiring young hairdressers, enabling them to experience the multiple opportunities a hairdressing career offers,” says Alan.

“The re-branding is, I guess, a way for me to say to myself and everyone else, ‘this is what I’m about, this is my focus and now I’m here to give back.’”


While elements of the salon remain the same – such as the fun-filled vibe that has clients feeling like they’re in a small, New York bar rather than a salon – Alan’s new mantra of ‘Educate, Nurture and Inspire’ will see the once back room turn into a dedicated education space where staff will share and grow along with clientele.

“The salon rebrand has allowed me to explore and re-address how and when I educate staff and clientele. Through some exciting initiatives we look forward to getting clients involved in the Alan Buki brand like never before.”

And the first to experience it were Australia’s beauty gurus. Sitting behind one another in three rows, each editor assumed their own desk equipped with tail combs and elastics, lined up, where pencils should be. Taking ownership of their own mannequin head, ‘students’ were first briefed on the history and how-to behind a variety of classic braid techniques. Then, armed with their own Alan Buki for O&M support-staff, each proceeded to perform two-braids scored by one, very attractive ‘detention master’ in the way of gold, stick-on stars. Typically Buki, this was not your average beauty event.

Beyond great hair, this salon brand is all about service with the Home Hair School concept an attempt to make clients’ between-service, hair-life easier than ever. Class-focus will range from the perfect blow-dry to up-styling, braiding and everything in between – all hair types welcome – and will leave clients with the knowledge and confidence to have salon-styled hair, 365 days of the year.

In a constant process of evolution, the recent rebrand from OriginalA salon to Alan Buki for O&M.syd is symbiotic of new beginnings for Alan – progression that can be seen and felt throughout American counterpart; Alan Buki for O&

And it doesn’t stop here. Alan is one industry icon moving forward with a strategy for global expansion, further OriginalMineral product development and continuous education for growth – he has to do something with all that energy!

Nice work.

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