Aloxxi hosted the brand’s International Artistic Director Teri Dougherty at Hair Expo, bringing the stylist out from America to present in education seminars and on the Main Stage. At the Colour Dimensions seminar on the first day of expo, Teri delivered two skilful cut and colour looks and her own professional insights in a standout two hour session.

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Teri began by delivering the brand’s and her own personal philosophy, to create only real and relevant hair for the salon. She also outlined the background of the Aloxxi brand for the uninitiated in the audience, speaking about O.P.I. and Aloxxi Founder George Schaeffer and the Colour Personality initiative that has given the brand both its identity and success.

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To start off, Teri started with a complex style centred on invisible layers. Utilising a diamond shape, zig zag pattern and disconnected sections, Teri created an aesthetic where the eye was distracted from the layers. Two colour looks utilised Aloxxi’s range of Dimensions colours, a five shade, four step range that both lifts and deposit colour to ensure speed and efficiency.

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Offering business insights built from an illustrious salon career, Teri shared her three R’s – reassure, retail and reschedule, providing the steps necessary in ensuring your clients enjoy their appointment, book again before they leave and buy something on the way out.

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With creative, commercial and business know-how we can all learn from, Australia loved having Teri pay a visit. We hope she comes back again soon.

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Images by Oneill Photographics.