Renowned Australian skincare brand Alpha-H is announcing a refreshed strategy and vision for the brand, deepening its roots in the professional skincare industry, which has been at the core of the brand since it launched 25 years ago. This refreshed strategy centres on their newly named Prescriptive Range, which is built on their scientific legacy and looks to a new gold standard in clinical treatments, as well as a new approach to clinical partnerships.

The brand’s innovations and scientific values are renowned. It was an innovator in the use of Glycolic Acid for transformative results in retail products in their cosmeceutical formulations and in clinical peels and treatments. The alpha-H hero Liquid Gold exfoliating tonic is modelled off a clinical treatment and formulated for complementary at-home progressive use, merging these two sectors of skincare and revolutionising the face of exfoliation. The brand boasts the title of The Acid Authority for their technologies and specifically their acclaimed AlphaHydroxy peels – a legacy that propels them into 2021 and this refreshed strategy.

“We are extremely proud and thankful for salon heritage that has helped lead the brand to international success,” said Chief Commercial Officer, Tina Randello. “We know our clinic partners are an essential element of our business and this change of strategy recognises this by bringing them closer into the core of the brand. Together we will share the Acid Authority philosophy, personalised and clinical grade solutions while always respecting the skin’s integrity and supporting skin health.”

The new professional Prescriptive Range has a refreshed look and feel to showcase this recently relaunched brand expression of Alpha-H. In this process the brand will also partner with a select group of skin clinics and destination wellness retreats across Australia and the world to deliver clinical strength professional-only treatments that will amplify the brand’s retail range.

These partnerships will also offer impactful reciprocity between brand and salon, with the clinics viewed as an extension of the brand and team. Clinics will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing product development and collaborative content creation in education around the safety and use of these products.

Each clinic will also deliver a menu of menu of bespoke treatments personalised to the client’s unique skin type and concerns, from breakouts and pigmentation to dullness and premature ageing. This will build on the Alpha-H services already included in salon partnerships, including virtual skin consultations and ongoing education for consumers.

The relationship with these clinics continues to evolve and as such these clinic partners will now be managed in-house by trained Alpha-H aestheticians, with the hope to further elevate and refine these relationships and salon approaches. The new strategy will also rely on practical support and training to heighten its professional services and cater to clients.

Ultimately, Alpha-H’s core mission is “to transform your skin, build its resilience and safeguard its health and vitality for life”. Science, professionalism, partnerships and this new approach drive home this mantra, showcasing a bright road ahead for Alpha-H in 2021 and beyond.

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