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Alumni Collection by Carl Keeley

Carl Keeley from Chumba Concept Salon merges classicism and modernity in the Alumni photographic collection. Bathed in a sepia tone and styled in edgy black, denim and metallic fashion pieces, the collection is a trip through time, with 70s inspired afros, mixed with current trends and innovative, futuristic looks.

Unified in colour and tone, the images each stand out for their eclectic features. A long, asymmetrical and elegant curly style uses classic fashion and accessories to create a gladiatorial look, while two voluminous side buns in another image, paired with a bold necklace and shiny, metallic fashion, become an original spin on the iconic Princess Leia style. Trendy short crops and unique fashion statements from modern street style to retro patterns pervade the rest of the collection.

Set against an aluminium backdrop and devoid of colour, the collection is a success in its sophistication, with each look making a statement about styling trends old and new.

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Alumni Collection
Hair Director – Carl Keeley
Salon – Chumba Concept Salon
Photography – Carl Keeley
Makeup – Pauly Blanch








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