Aussie hair extension company Amazing Hair has recently announced Marie Uva as their all-new brand ambassador. Marie has a wealth of experience with the products, having worked with the extensions for two years, using them for clients, local celebrities and international figures including the incomparable Gigi Hadid.


“Amazing Hair’s high quality products allow me to create versatile custom made hairpieces for my clients that are seemlessly natural,” Marie shared. “This is of upmost importance to me, I want my clients hair to be flawlessly beautiful and the range achieves this. From the Brownlows to The Logie’s, all of my clients are styled with Amazing Hair.”

The hair extension range is proudly ‘made by hairdressers, for hairdressers’, and as such, promises optimal results, especially in salon. The brand focuses on research and development that leads to advanced product design. The range includes temporary and permanent hair extensions, hairpieces, wefts and wigs in a vast range of all 100 per cent Remy human hair. This range is supplemented by a heat-resistant synthetic line and a retail option of wet products.

Marie’s cutting edge styling with clients such as Bec Judd, Jennifer Hawkins and more, makes her the ideal person to continue the brand’s upwards trajectory.

“Marie is one of our industries most influential artists, her signature styling is known across the country by hairdressers and consumers alike,” shared Amazing Hair Director Ariana Mantzaris. “We are honoured to have the opportunity to work so closely with Marie and see the stunning styling she achieves with our product range. She has the ability to transform every day hair into a thing of true beauty.”

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