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American Crew All Star Challenge Winner Heads to Rome

If details of this prize don’t have you already planning your entry for next year’s American Crew All Star Challenge, nothing will.

After winning the national Australian version of the American Crew All Star Challenge, King’s Domain Barbershop Co-Founder Aaron Chan travelled to Rome to shoot with the brand’s co-founder, David Raccuglia.

American Crew Chan Ruccuglia 2

Model, David Raccuglia and Aaron Chan

Utililising American Crew products Alternator and Liquid Wax, Aaron cut and styled an international model, and selected the wardrobe, for photography by David. “I wanted to create a very American Crew-inspired look but also put my own personality into it,” he said of the look.

Other items on the itinerary included attending a Stylemasters show, including backstage access, where he was able to meet the international American Crew All Star team and view the American Crew models’ looks up-close. Directed by David, 21 models in the American Crew portion of the show were styled in themes of Russian Mob, Mixed Martial Arts, Wall Street and Mods v. Rockers. Aaron also took part in a Vespa tour of the historic city along with 24 members of the American Crew team.

American Crew Chan Rucculglia 1

“It was such an awesome experience and to think it was cutting men’s hair – doing what I love – that got me there, is incredible,” Aaron enthused.

The American Crew All Star Challenge was created in Australia in 2003 and became a global event three years ago. If an international trip isn’t enticement enough, the global winner receives 10 000 euros and incomparable prestige in the men’s styling industry.

It’s never too early to start planning for next year.

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