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American Crew Launch ‘Independent’ Collection

Showcasing trends from by-gone eras of the 20th Century, leading men’s grooming brand American Crew is proud to announce the launch of its latest collection, Independent.

The collection will be launched as part of Co-Lab 14 in May by American Crew Artistic Director Paul Wilson and the brand’s Creative Director Craig Hanson.

Comprising of three haircuts with three different styling options for each look, Independent presents classic shapes and vintage styling from the 20s, 50, 70s, 80s and 90s.

The three key styles – Ezra, Hamilton and James – represent the American Crew man, each defining a sense of mastery and technique.

“This collection is exciting because it has it all,” said American Crew All-Star Phoenix Thomson.

“From the rebellious antics of the 50s, to the anti-gravity beliefs of the 80s and even the flamboyance of the 20s, all these trends meet up in the Independent collection,” she said.

“The bold use of gels as working product honours both tradition and the editorial stylist giving confidence to building the final style. Vintage low side partings push movement within the hairstyle piquing the interest of the forward thinking experimental groomer.”









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