American Crew has partnered with one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th Century with a rocking collection inspired by the King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis Presley, writes Cameron Pine.


The legendary American icon set the standard for the classic American look and continues to inspire men of all ages with his signature style. The world knows and loves Elvis as “The King of Rock and Roll,” and now American Crew is proud to crown him “The King of Men’s Grooming”

In honor of the ultimate style icon, American Crew is releasing a line of special edition grooming products made exclusively for men who know their style and rock it. The must have range includes a limited run of six of their classic styling products with custom designed labels that feature The King himself. Key products include Fiber, Pomade, Forming Cream, Grooming Cream, Molding Clay and Defining Paste. Each product features a unique image of Elvis to suit the style of the product.


“Men around the world owe a debt to Elvis Presley,” said American Crew Founder, David Raccuglia. He showed us that it’s not just what you have to say, but how you say it. He made success and change seem effortless, and used his voice and looks to make a statement to the world. Elvis is ‘The original cool’ and American Crew wants every guy out there to know that each of us has the power to define ourselves and make a difference.”


Elvis’ unmatched influence in pop culture spans not only in music. His commanding voice and charismatic stage presence unleashed a cultural revolution that changed the world forever. The “King of Rock and Roll’s” signature style redefined the image of the American man that continues to inspire today’s artists, musicians, designers and social influencers. Despite passing in 1977, his presence has transcended generations and will continue to be recognized for his definitive music culture.


“There’s only one Elvis Presley, and we are so proud to help introduce him to a new generation of fans,” said Sennen Pamich, Executive Vice President and Global President, Revlon Professional Brands. “Elvis and American Crew are a natural fit, as they both embody a uniquely American style that is youthful, iconic and original.”

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