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Androgyne: Sassoon Academy Collection

The Sassoon Academy has fused sleek long hair looks and sharp, distinctive crops in their latest editorial offering, blurring gender lines for the Androgyne collection. The collection surveys gender and identity as a whole across countries and eras, particularly the cabarets of 1930s Morocco, the street urchins of Victorian London and the theological idea of a fallen angel set to rise again in the new age.

“When boys and girls blend sartorial codes a decadent disruption takes place,” a statement explained of the aesthetic. By focusing on three diverse eras, the collection’s complex and unique ideas are expressed. Their 1930s Moroccan inspiration is epitomised by Marlene Dietrich in her role as Amy Jolly in the 1930s film Morocco. Disconnected hairlines, double-edged fringes and head-hugging cloche silhouettes deliver this aesthetic in a new, conceptual way.

For the ‘Guttersnipe’ influences, borne from Victorian London, the team created functional hair by way of distorted edges, choppy outlines and worn in details, to create the look of criminals and the downtrodden. Natural hair was subtly enhanced with a tonal collage of muted neutral hues accentuating the cut with strategic colour placement.

In the last, more spiritual theme, the academy worked to create a modern interpretation of Neo-Classicism, in the form of the rebellious fallen angel. Asymmetrical boyish barbering was combined with pure one-length lines, while in colour, a controlled white on white technique using bi-level and rhythmic zigzag sectioning on longer hair looks created a loose, ethereal feeling.

A diverse, creative and theoretical approach to hair – we wouldn’t expect anything less from the Sassoon Academy.

See the collection below.


Hair: The International Creative Team led by Mark Hayes
Colour: The International Creative Team led by Peter Dawson
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Styling: Lucie Perrier
Photographer: Colin Roy









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