Goldwell Ambassador, artistic director and world renowned hair legend Angelo Seminara has a hair journey of world stature. Known for merging art and hair seamlessly, with editorial creations and art exhibits both in his illustrious credit list, Angelo’s extensive résumé speaks for itself, and his new appointment with Goldwell speaks to the future of where this dynamic hair career is going next.

“I am very passionate about tools and developing the world of colour, Angelo explained. “Therefore, I set out to find a brand with top colouration techniques. I researched for eight months non-stop and just by trying Elumen (a leader in direct dye) once, I decided that I would like to join this amazing brand. Shortly after, I met John Moroney and we decided to start a collaboration. I am absolutely delighted about the choice and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us.”

“My role with Goldwell includes creating signature Angelo Seminara collections, working closely with the Research & Development department as well as working with the Goldwell teams. My goal is to also develop new colour techniques and to represent Goldwell in the best way possible,” he continued. “I will be very involved in the brand product developments going forward. It’s something that I am passionate about and also extremely interested in the technology behind producing a hair product.”

With two distinctly hero Goldwell products – Elumen and the ‘Fixing Effect Hairspray’ – Angelo will no doubt make hair magic in the early stages of his role.

“Angelo’s unprecedented creative vision and dedication to pushing the boundaries of his craft will allow Goldwell to take our commitment to delivering the most revolutionary products and services to animate the imagination of every stylist to the next level,” said John Moroney, Creative Director for the Kao Salon Division.  

Fuelled by a curiosity, passion and obsession for both nature and hair, Angelo’s credits include runway looks for Chanel, Valentino, Hermes, Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbana and more, and editorial looks for Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Italian Vogue, French Vogue and The Sunday Times. He has been British Hairdresser of the Year four times and exhibited in museum exhibitions around the world.

“I work really closely with an incredible fashion and exhibition curator, Judith Clark. We have been collaborating for over a decade, on various projects including, Chloé Attitudes in Paris, Frida Kahlo in Mexico, Homo Faber: Fashion inside and out in Venice and many more,” Angelo explained.

When it comes to hair, Angelo is a chameleon, achieving Avant Garde, high fashion, salon looks and everything in between as the artistic choice requires.

“My signature style has always been to make someone look and feel incredible,” he said. “However, I do like originality, even if it’s a classic bob it needs to have a special twist on it. My style icon is Rick Owens, an American Fashion designer, who makes really cool and chic clothing. The inspiration for editorials comes from the brief itself. You have to adapt to the needs of the shoot, as they all have individual needs. Sometimes the inspiration comes on the day or it’s well planned in advance.”

Growing up in the South of Italy, Angelo’s trajectory has been one to watch and admire, starting in a local barbershop at the age of 11 and growing to the highest accolades the hair industry has to offer over a 37 year career.

“I think that being awarded The Fellowship ‘Patron of the Year Award 2018’ was a really proud moment for me,” he offered as a career highlight. “I believe that they don’t give this award out often and so it was such an honour to accept the award.”

With his love of design and aesthetic, it’s no wonder Angelo imagines he would be an architect had life taken a different path, but with his inimitable talents instead (and fortunately) in our field, her provides a range of insights other salon members can learn from.

“Be open minded, look for a mentor and ‘copy copy copy’ but at the end of the copy try to find your own identity. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take your time and enjoy the way. The journey is more fun than the destination,” he advised.

“I think that in the next few years there will be a lot of change in the industry. Hair brands will have to evolve in terms of the new services we can provide. Highlights, balayage and tints are the norm at the moment, but we have to prepare the new generation with something new and exciting,” he continued. “Products will become way more sustainable and attract those who are more caring about the environment in general. This will be a massive change, which sooner or later we will all have to adapt to.”

2021 and beyond looks bright as ever for Angelo and Goldwell.

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