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Antoinette Beenders Presents A Grand Spectacle at GenNext

AVEDA International Guest Artist and Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders closed GenNext with the pinnacle of creative brilliance, presenting a show called The Greatest Show On Mother Earth. A circus themed extravaganza with innovative, unconventional styling, the show rooted its visual wonders in a pro-environmental agenda, utilising recycled fashion and unifying the show with a message of conserving water. Watch the full video, exclusive to Styleicons, below.

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The Greatest Show on Mother Earth was circus themed

The show included impressive stunts and acrobatics in a circus showcase of clowns, ringmasters, acrobats and other entertainers. Styled in bold, patterned clothes and classic clown make up, these elements were transported to the models as well. Dressed in recycled materials that made up fancy, black dresses of differing elegant shapes and retaining carnival-style makeup features, the hair styling was avant-garde, often multi-coloured, patterned, embellished in metallic and in keeping with the circus theme. The stage was always kept interesting, with lion cages, performers flying around in hoops and on ropes, complex stunt-orientated choreography and hair styling that was a triumph for imagination.

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Thirty models paraded avant-garde hair styles

Beenders closed the show by demonstrating her own secret braiding technique, through which she turns a braid into a finger weave. This technical prowess matched the show in its creative brilliance.

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Recycled couture fashion supported an environmental agenda

An entertaining circus-inspired spectacle displayed predominantly in black and white, Beenders used recycled couture, avant-garde hair styles that showed off shape patterns and bright pops of colour and flying performers to create a grand spectacle with an environmental message.

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Beenders closed the show by demonstrating a braiding technique

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Photography by Jamie Carroll

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