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Are You On Board With The Glitter Roots Trend?

There are pros and cons to the rapidly growing Glitter Roots internet trend. Pro – shiny, playful and altogether fun glitter taking over hair roots worldwide (and appealing to the unicorn-loving, inner 90s children inside us all). Con – clients are using it as a method of disguising regrowth, translated as, leaving longer times between salon appointments.


Image via Cosmopolitan Australia

With Instagram and celebrities such as Lucy Hale and Miley Cyrus (why aren’t we surprised?) on board, the trend has truly gone mainstream and shows no signs of slowing down. With that in mind we encourage stylists to embrace it, making it a part of the salon experience, rather than a reason to avoid it.


Pro-glitter advocate Miley Cyrus

For example, these glitter looks go best with a dreamy pastel hue – why not encourage your clients to adopt a new colour change to match the trend? The trend is also paired best with intricately braided buns – a style no client can pull off as well as a trained stylist. Plus, if you master the simple glitter trend yourself, you can offer clients a new service that achieves the trend to maximum effect (AKA, leaves strands looking appropriately glittery, not like they’re suffering from really shiny dandruff – a pit fall your clients may fall into).


What we’re trying to say is – if you’re not pro-glitter, it’s time to change your stance. Any new viral hair trend should, with the right mindset, present more salon opportunities, not fewer. Plus, who can resist a fairyland-1990s hair hybrid?


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