Artégo’s Rain Dance range of products, and its complementary salon service, was, fittingly, inspired by the rain, allowing hair growth to become an analogue for blooming plants, life cycles and the regeneration of fruit, flowers and fauna. As such, the unique product is built to honour this essential element.

The concept mimics this synergistic growth system, as scientifically built through plants being nurtured in greenhouses, in a myriad of ways. The products themselves are formulated with phyto-technology, while a sense of wellness and rituals are paramount to the process, where professional hairdressers activate scalp physiological receptors and the salon space in general becomes a centre for care, relaxation and beauty. The brand refers to these professionals as botanical beauty specialists and stresses that this is much more than a service – its an experience.

Scientifically, the product line was built with botanical active ingredients and extreme innovation, with components such as one-of-a-kind molecule Ipstic, silk proteins, which have been extracted by the double thread of Bombyx Mori (silkwarm), and eighteen natural active ingredients. Six of these ingredients are certified organic, ensuring strong hair growth, hydration, body, shine, volume, nourishment and protection to the hair, and the silk proteins even create a thin invisible film of hair protection. Within this, it main molecule, titled sericin, bonds with water molecules for pure and soft hydration. Moreover hydrolysed keratin repairs the smallest amino acid missing segments on the hair stalk.

These boldly scientific ingredients have been thoroughly researched for true results in hair condition, quality and hair growth, adding essential amino acids to the hair bulb, stimulating activity, promoting scalp health, releasing functional active principles over time for longevity and prohibiting hair thinning properties.

The products’ active ingredients, which range from organic certified tsubaki oil to argan oil, olive oil, chestnut extract and camellia oil, as well as quionoa, marula oil, coconut oil and more, stimulate shine, halt aging and build strength, among a host of other benefits.

The collection of fourteen hair products are categorised to individually rebuild, protect, offer flexibility, structure and light texture, build volume, hydrate, hold colour and accelerate growth. The collection’s Hydra Booster, a hero product as a supreme hydrating mask, personifies the range with its ability to offer organic, scientific, quality hair results.

A Color Shampoo and Conditioner, Hydra Shampoo and Conditioner, Hydrating Milk Spray, Volume Shampoo, Deep Repair Mask, Flex Mousse, Multi-Benefit Leave On Spray, Rich Serum, Replenishing Cream, Blooming Elixir and Thermo-Active Repair Fluid round out the other care and style products. The range even offers a Velvet Hand Butter as body care, which can be used during a hand massage within the treatment services.

Professional hair skills are paramount to this hair concept, as the hair products all offer various benefits to be tailored to the client by the hairdresser and their expertise. Alongside this, the important Reconstruction service is significant, merging these products with a sensory experience in a treatment cycle that builds strength and body in the hair. Salons are educated on how to conduct these experiences from the moment the client enters the salon to their exit, relying on the significance of professional expertise and making the salon experience essential beyond the products. The products then become an ideal retail option for after care, as individually prescribed by the professional to cater to particular hair needs, such as after colour, hydration and restructuring.

Evoking purity, rebirth and replenishment with its inspiration, product formulations and professional services, Rain Dance puts the salon in focus and champions sustainability, experience and hair health at its core.

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