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Aurora Borealis by Papas and Pace

Taking out the Colour Technician of the Year award at this year’s Hair Expo, Dmitri Papas and Justin Pace mimic stunning natural lighting through cut and colour in the Aurora Borealis collection.

Utilising vibrant flashes of colour, in different shades of yellow, orange and purple, on strong geometrical cuts in short styles, the pair construct unique shapes that play with light and reflection. The collection was inspired by the dancing lights of Aurora Borealis, where electrically charged particles from the sun collide with the earth’s atmosphere.

With the beauty of nature at its inspirational core, the collection evokes this through delicate precision cutting, angled light, bright tones and different focusses. Highlighted skin and strong grey tones in the metallic makeup styling off set the bold hair colouring, which creates the illusion of layers through contoured beams of lighting. The muted backdrop also draws attention to the vivid hair and lighting.

Named for the Roman goddess of Dawn, Aurora, merged with Boreas, the Greek name for the north wind, Papas and Pace perfectly encapsulate these clashing cultural elements, using vibrant colour, swift cuts and dynamic lighting to convey the ethereal beauty of nature.


Papas & Pace

Aurora Borealis collection

Hair // Dmitri Papas
Colour // Justin Pace
Photography // Andrew O’Toole
Stylist // Gail Reid
Make Up // Kylie O’Toole

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