A new set of images is here to inspire you as a group of local hair legends once again teamed up with Romance Was Born to reinterpret global trends and create true hair art in the process.

Once Upon A Time by Travis Balcke

Six months ago, Australian and New Zealand hair artists debuted their creative interpretation of the Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks Spirit collection, and the concept has now been adapted to the brand’s VivID collection and its three global trends – Once Upon A Time, Everyday Decadence and Dark Romance.

Once Upon A Time by Jason Fassbender

Travis Balcke, Natalie-Anne, Nic Shiun and Jason Fassbender created the looks.  The team have a lengthy list of accolades to their names, as prominent salon owners and creative directors, with extensive session styling credits and a multitude of awards on the mantle, this is a veritable who’s who of Australian talent.

Everyday Decadence by Natalie Anne

Additionally, their inspiring looks have paired with a new Schwarzkopf Professional launch. Welcome the Colour Blender Tool in collaboration with Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison.

Everyday Decadence by Jason Fassbender

“I had the original idea from contouring tools used in skincare – and even on hair it makes all the blending and shading techniques a million times easier, it’s so versatile – colourists can do perfect balayage, root shadow, feathering – all the techniques – without having to rub the joins. Plus, where different colours meet it gives a really soft effect, which looks totally modern and is 100 per cent quicker to achieve,” Lesley said. Using the new tool, the trends encompass unique techniques such as #dualblending, #multiblending or #freehandblending.

Virtually guided by of Schwarzkopf Professional ANZ Ambassador Dee Parker-Attwood, the guest artists again partnered with Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales from Romance Was Born on this highly conceptual shoot.

Dark Romance by Natalie Anne

They also worked with renowned artist Kitty Callaghan to apply a post treatment to the final images and add to the images using a modern digital application.

Dark Romance by Nic Shiun

Beginning with the Once Upon a Time trend, this concept is a hybrid of the past and future, the idea of nostalgia repurposed for today. In terms of aesthetic features, think the rigidity of optical patterns, geometrics and stripes, merged with soft-focuses, dreamy lights, doe eyes and effortless hair. The trend showcases the burgeoning ideas of self-expressionism and individualism of yesteryear.

“Once Upon A Time for me has an element of freedom and also an ethereal feel to it,” Travis explained.

“Once Upon A Time is all about ethereal, soft texture and a real fairy-tail finish for me, inspired by icons Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks,” Jason added.

The Everyday Decadence trend is a celebration of structure, form and gender fluidity with comfortable cuts and opulent finishes. Details range from oversized silhouettes to luxe finishes, bright acid accents, power pastels, and ideas of contemporary gender fluidity.

“This section for me is all about a modern-day spin on classics, so we are taking a classic haircut and giving it a modern finish. The basis for this look is a 60s pageboy Vidal Sassoon haircut, with a bit of a disco twist, with a fluffier texture,” Jason said of his look.

“My look was heavily inspired by the oriental shapes and the fabric shown by Romance Was Born,” Natalie added of her take on the trend.

The final Dark Romance trend is rooted in magic, bewitchment and illusion, offering a dark beauty based in fragility, richness, embellishment, mystery and seduction. The aesthetic is part paranormal, part romance, created with dusky brocades, inky blooms, deconstructed forms and a general spirit of rebellion.

“I’m a huge fan of vintage waves and I wanted a modern interpretation of that,” Natalie said.

“My look for dark romance was inspired by drenched hair at rock n’ roll shows,” Nic added.

A titular essential dose of inspiration to carry you through your next creative trance, well done to the artistic team and Schwarzkopf Professional on these inspiring works of hair art.

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