Geoffrey Herberg, Urban Tribe Australia Ambassador, and Lee Black, owner of Mow Hair on the Gold Coast, recently represented Australia at the global education launches of the Urban Tribe and Milk_Shake brands in Milan, Italy, writes Tam Allenby.


Held over a week in early September, the event also hosted participants from countries all around the world, including the US, UK, Poland, Italy and Russia.


Geoffrey and Lee participated in delivering twelve different cuts, colouring and styling methods as premier education abroad.

The collections and key trends from Urban Tribe and Milk_Shake will be shown off in the coming months at locations throughout Australia.


Geoffrey described the collections as “something for everyone no matter the length of the hair.”

“The techniques are easy to recreate in the salon for todays clients,” he added.


Global z-one Education Manager Emily Farna facilitated the event which centered around the concept of ‘globalisation’, and hailed it a great success.

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