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Australia’s Crew All Star Announced

The Australian contingent of the American Crew All Star Challenge announced their national winner on Sunday night, setting up the next dynamic stage of the competition, hosted in Paris.

It’s the Melbourne born hair competition an integral force in the rise and rise of barbering – a global accolade bred in the hands of Peter McDonald and Rob Gattuso and now within the hands of National Winner, Guy Gallo of Wieselmann Salon.


Guy Gallo

Held at the Ozdare Academy in Melbourne’s Collingwood, the event has moved away from the rowdy warehoused party-scene it was, rather opting for an intimate approach – exclusive to the 22 finalists and their respective team and supporters. A strategic shift ensuring the Crew message stays strong and the focus is on the real stars, the All Stars.

This didn’t prevent a stacked line-up of Moscow Mules and all the bells and whiskeys we expect from a Crew event, a modern-traditional barber setting welcoming guests upon arrival – sit down, get familiar with the props and smile for the camera.


And it wouldn’t be a Crew All Star party without a line-up of a different variety – this year’s event as always sending a posse of striking lads down the runway, each a tidy embodiment of this years’ men’s hair and grooming trends for gentlemen young and mature. The guys ran their final clap-lap, and it was time for the 22 finalists to step up for their plaques before the much-willed announcement of the 2016 American Crew All Star National Winner.


A big congratulations to Australia’s champ for 2016, Mr Guy Gallo of Wieselmann salon. Guy and his team just about blew the roof off with excitement as his name hit the mic, and rightly so. Guy can look forward to touching down in Paris and attending the Style Masters show as a guest of American Crew. From here, 15 Global Finalists will be announced on March 16 and will collaborate with American Crew founder, David Raccuglia on a top-talent photoshoot as part of the competition process.

It was stated that Guy’s effortless-cool execution was honored the prestigious title for its illustration of classic technique and modern trends – texture and shape a solid representation of the contemporary male and a salute to the potential of Crew’s outstanding product portfolio.

“I’m still numb from the excitement,” Guy enthused. “It was just incredible. It felt amazing. I am very excited about Paris. My vision is to create great, fashion forward looks for the every day man. The American Crew man.”

Guy Gallo - Wieselmann Salon

We wish Guy all the best with his future endeavors – bring it home for Australia!

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