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Aveda Earth Month 2017 Approaches

April, otherwise known as Aveda Earth Month, is fast approaching, and the beauty brand’s annual agenda looks as enticing and significant as ever. The brand joins with salons, consumers and non-profit partners to make April a month centred on giving back, helping the environment and working towards a goal of providing more people in the world with clean water. Who wouldn’t want to join in on that?

Aveda is aiming to add to the impressive $44 million tally they’ve raised since 1999 for the cause, by adding $6.5 million throughout April ($6.4 million was raised last year). The primary mode of giving back is via Appointments for Clean Water day held on Tuesday, April 4. A list of multiple Australian salons has signed up to give 100 per cent of their profits that day to charity. Salons and communities in dozens of countries around the world will undertake the same task, for a true expression of global giving back.

All proceeds will go to non-profit organisation WaterAid, which provides access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation for underprivileged communities and makes a real tangible difference in international communities.

“We’ve now funded projects that have helped bring clean drinking water to thousands of people, thereby reducing incidents of waterborne illness, and giving mothers more time to spend with their families instead of collecting dirty water from far away sources,” explained Dave Rapaport, Vice President, Earth and Community Care for Aveda.

Aveda will also release their annual Light The Way candle, giving 100 per cent of the retail sales to the foundation. The brand has raised $13 million from the candle sales since 2007, and creates the candles from naturally-derived soy and plant waxes for a truly environmentally friendly product, also housing it in reclaimed glass and packaging it in 90 per cent post-consumer recycled paperboard. Organic essential oils, including certified organic vanilla, cinnamon and ylang ylang from Madagascar, as well as the product’s philanthropic benefits, make it a retail must-have.

Congratulations to the salons taking part in this initiative and good luck on reaching that admirable target!

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