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Aveda Launch Men’s Grey-Blending Service

Grey colour correction is vital not just to women, but to your male clients too, especially in a men’s haircare market that continues to skyrocket. As such, Aveda is releasing a new men-focused grey-blending service in March to create covetable, natural colour for your clients – all in just five minutes, writes Nouroluyon Borghol.

As the male colour market expands at astronomic rates, this new professional service delivers discreetly blended grey results that last up to four weeks. Designed with a 95 per cent naturally derived formula, the product is infused with a plant oil blend including certified organic sunflower, castor and jojoba to keep hair looking healthy and ensure the process stays efficient and easily achieved in just a few minutes at the basin. The hues are tailored to suit every shade of grey, as the full Aveda Men 5-minute Natural Grey Blending range comes in five pre-blended shades, ranging from light natural to dark ash.

“A lot of guys aren’t totally comfortable with the amount of grey they have but don’t know anything about simple, low maintenance options to minimise their grey,” said Ian Michael Black, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Colour. “If your client has a moderate amount of grey throughout his hair but it’s really concentrated in a few spots, it might look more balanced if the amount of grey has evened out all around. Aveda Men 5-minute Natural Grey Blending shampoo can do that in just a few minutes at the shampoo bowl.”

Aveda will soon be opening exclusive men’s salons around Australia, in existing salons and also as stand-alone destinations, offering the best in men’s grooming and maintenance and traditional barbering with that inimitable Aveda vibe. An exclusive service menu, specialised treatments and Aveda rituals, as well as barbershop elements such as a self-serve scheduling kiosk, quicker appointment times, the latest technology and the impressive Aveda Men Pure-Formance retail products at check-out will make the spaces bona fide men’s hubs.

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