This week, fashion came to Tasmania, as the long-awaited David Jones runway show Autumn Winter 2019 was hosted at The void, MONA, in Hobart. Supported by long time backstage allies and natural hair and beauty juggernaut Aveda, the campaign was titled ‘The Art of Living’ beautifully encapsulating the ethos of each brand in their commitment to inner beauty and confidence.

“The hair look reflects the arts, that can be taken and adapted to any vibe – soft or glossy for romantic florals, sculpted and clean for gender fluid suiting, or high gloss and tight for power  and elegance,” shared Aveda’s Creative Director for David Jones, Terri Robertson-Kirkwood. “I think this look has a couture feel, but can embrace the seasons trends and be adapted to create interest and make a statement.”

Beyond this high-fashion hair look, the Aveda team styled the hair of big-name ambassadors Jessica Gomes, Victoria Lee and Gemma Ward, as designed exclusively by Aveda guest artist Darren Summors.

“This season was all about exploring the art of the individual, so for the ambassadors it was all about bringing their personal creativity and individuality to the look,” Darren said.

“I really wanted to break away from the norm with Victoria Lee’s runway look, she is so young, fresh and cool we needed a hair look to compliment this, by keeping the texture cool and undone compared to glamorous and bouncy. Then keeping with Jess’s signature look we wanted to keep it undone, sophisticated but with a polished finish to accolade the clothing. Her hair still has movement and life but without it being too groomed, it’s really about tailoring the finish to the individual’s hair type and texture.”

With a new locale, aspirational hair and always first-frontier fashion, David Jones and Aveda continue to inspire in salon and beyond. Create the look below and start rugging up for the fashionable seasons ahead.

Get the look:

  1. Prep the hair with Aveda Speed of Light Blow Dry Accelerator to reduce blow dry time and breakage.
  2. While hair is slightly damp prep with Aveda Smooth Infusion Nourishing Styling Crème to control frizz for a smooth style. For thinner hair prep with Aveda Phomollient and Aveda Thickening Tonic to create weightless body, volume and fullness.
  3. Use an Aveda Paddle Brush to blow dry hair away from the face to a low side part concentrating on making sure air flows smoothly over the brush to ensure a high shine finish.
  4. Section the front, gathering all hair in front of ear and push to one side so that focus is on the back of the hair.
  5. At the back of the hair, take sections 2-3cm wide starting at the middle of the nape and twist gently until the sections start to bend on themselves. Once the desired twist is achieved spritz with Aveda Air Control and then continue twisting round onto head and secure with a bobby pin.
  6. Take the hair that is in front of the ear and divide in half, at the hairline twist until it is about to bend then spritz with Aveda Air Control and secure. Adapt the direction and twist to frame.
  7. Then take the rest of the hair and repeat the twists sweeping up and away from hairline and then secure in with the other sections on the head, while spritzing with Aveda Brilliant Spray on Shine.
  8. Finish with lightly spraying with Aveda Air Control.

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