Aveda’s upcoming Congress event will provide unprecedented access to hairdressers around the world, taking place over September 26 and 27 and for the first time allowing attendees to customise their experience with interactive and digital opportunities and access to the brand’s iconic artists, educators and guest speakers. Importantly, all industry professionals are invited, regardless of brand affiliation.

This year, the renowned event will be themed as Plant Beauty in the World, presenting these ideals through on-stage performances and showcases, guest speakers, informative workshops and courses, and retail and product experiences. The exclusive content will showcase fashion films, how-to technical videos, artist-led technical workshops and interviews with rare behind the scenes access to this content. Attendees will be able to individualise their experience with group chats, interactive panel discussions, conversations with Aveda experts and more. The Congress Digital experience and on-demand programming will be available until October 31, 2021 and is sold as individual ticketing.

Guest Artists presenting at the event will include Antoinette Beenders, Sam Bell, Ian Michael Black, Bea Carmichael, Ricardo Dinis, Naomi Dove, Renée Gadar, Janell Geason, Heggy Gonzalez, Robert Grimes, Masa Honda, Laurent Philippon, Allen Ruiz, Salon Spa W, Van Michael Salon Team, X-Presion and more to be announced.

In a Congress highlight, iconic global hair artist and Aveda’s Senior Vice President of Global Artistry, Antoinette Beenders, will present her new Bloem collection, inspiring with an editorial offering based on botanical beauty and nature’s vibrant colours.

“The Aveda Bloem Collection represents the ultimate flower power, a collection designed, sculpted and painted by nature. Flowers stimulate fresh ways of thinking – incubating new colours, new harmonies and new ideas,” Antoinette said.

In combining her artistry with these natural forces – Bloem literally translates to flower in Dutch – colour was a creative anchor, embrace natural colour at its richest, boldest and most opulent. While creating the collection, Antoinette invented a new concept titled ‘cutting with colour’, which works by strategically placing hair colour using a hair cutter’s point of view. This establishes bold, graphic lines and allows the hair to move to achieve a natural gradation of colour. The colour looks were all achieved with Aveda Full Spectrum Vibrants. The collection will be presented as part of Antoinette’s famed Congress performance, where incredible artistry, fashion and storytelling will come together in the must-see visual presentation.

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For more information visit www.AvedaCongress2021.com

Collection Credits:

Concept & Creative Direction: Antoinette Beenders
Photography: Andrew Yee
Hair Cut & Colour: Antoinette Beenders supported by Allen Ruiz and Eva Van Anglen using Aveda Full Spectrum Vibrants hair colour
Makeup: Walter Obal using Aveda makeup
Styling: Anna Katsanis
Prop Stylist: Shari Anlauf
Casting: Paul Isaac